The Supernatural and Horrors of Dark Titan make their entrance into June!

The supernatural and the horrors have made themselves known. Within the corners of the Dark Titan Universe, they will arrive in the month of June. Eight serials are set. Each of the serials chronologically take place after the events of Dark Titan Knights.

The Serials are:

Creed: The Cryptic Circle
Learning of the rise of Adrambadon's legion, Creed makes his moves to stop the attempts of the Cryptic One's growing power before all of the world is set ablaze in his glory.

Death Chaser: Souls of Retribution
Demonticronto, a powerful and strange malevolent force has chosen to grant those of the Earth newfound power, by only submitting to his will. Danny Logan hears of Demonti's proposal and sets out on finding those he's considering making his own.

The Devilhunter: Unseen Worship
After losing his wife and daughter to a demonic attack, Gabriel Abraham has made it his life's goal to find those of the malevolent side and extinguish them by any means. His travels have led him to discovering there's someone far more powerful than he bargained to face.

Travis Vail, Spirit-Seeker: First Sins
Taking in the words of Kamagrauto, Travis Vail uncovers a plot where the first sins have risen across the world. Uniting with those he trusts, he finds out what Kamagrauto's words meant and his choices for the future will surely alter.

The Man Called Fable: The Mage and The Con
Living between the realms of the living and the magic, Kurt Wesker is found out by a human reporter concerning his matters between realities, thus leading to a confrontation with a powerful wizard who deems the mixture of the two realms an abomination.

Cinderella: Midnight Strikes
Using her detectives skills for the better, Cindy Lawson has known of her Stepmother's matters throughout the London Underground for years. Now, with her stance over the city, hidden in its darkness, she has the means to take down her Stepmother before the time strikes its end.

Heaven Has Called: All Called From Above
Taking witness to their previous adventures, Travis Vail and Gabriel Abraham have come together to unite a team, mixed with the detectives, the hunters, the mages, and the supernatural to combat a powerful force that has all of creation in its sights.

Doctor Dark: Holder of Darkness
Darkous of the Astrals learns of an entity who's escaped his temporal prison and has entered the land of the living to make his home. Darkous must travel across space and time to stop the magical entity before his matters shake the foundations of the three heavens.

Creed and Death Chaser will be released on June 6th.
The Devilhunter and Travis Vail, Spirit-Seeker will be released on June 13th.
The Man Called Fable and Cinderella will be released on June 20th.
Heaven Has Called and Doctor Dark will be released on June 27th.

All are written and created by Ty'Ron W. C. Robinson II.

Dark Titan Knights is available now in paperback, ebook, and Special Edition hardcover.