Darkous - Dark Titan Universe.png

"Those who fear the darkness, fear me."

Darkous is an astral dimension entity who was created with mystical abilities that were designed to control the darkness dwelling within the Universe. Known to humanity as Doctor Dark or Randolph Dark, he uses his abilities for the greater good in stopping the evil forces of any kind that have appeared among both earth and astral realms. Whether its witchcraft, sorcery, other sources of magic, and even supernatural elements.

Powers: Vast knowledge of the mystic arts, can control and fabricate time and space, can travel through the astral plane and enter other dimensions and worlds. Telekinesis, telepathy, levitation, teleportation, low omniscience, low omnipresence. He can shift himself in both earthly and spiritual form. Nigh-omnipotent aspects of the darkness and the night.

Occupation: Overseer of the darkness in the universe, Healer, Magician, Time Traveler

Alias/AKA: Doctor Dark, The Doctor of Mystics, Randolph Dark, Keeper of the Cosmos, The Shrouded One, King of Darkness, The Moon’s Guardian.

Real Name: Darkous

Height: 6'7 (Earthly Form)

Weight: 332 lbs (Earthly Form)

Group Affiliations: The Astrals

Allies: The Elohim of Yisrael, Malach HaMavet, Dante, Beatrice, Michael The Archangel, Beauty, Dark Manhunter, Wisdom, Carol Hunters, Death Chaser, Doctor Fortune

Enemies: Mazakala, Kabra, Maba, ha-Satan, Lilu, Desolation, Visitant Outlander, Adrambadon, Vernon Lance, Bogeyman, The Shuffling Horrors, Dr. Geoff Hoff, Materialisa

Base of Operations: Astral Dimension

First Appearance: Dark Titan Knights (The Purpose of Darkness and Light)