Dark Manhunter - Dark Titan Universe.png

"His wrath be upon all the earth."

Born during a difficult time in the universe where nearly everything was involved with chaos. A man called Henoch sought wisdom and knowledge and was granted the abilities of both the cosmic and spirit realms. Equipped with a new cosmic/divine body and his new abilities, he became known to the universe as the Dark Manhunter. His former self dead and his renewed self alive. He brings down the Wrath of the Heavens upon his presence and frequently has conflict with Visitant Outlander concerning the balance of justice and vengeance.

Powers: Virtual omnipotence, omnipresence, omniscience, genius-level intellect, superhuman strength, speed, and durability, possesses knowledge of Creation, telepathy, telekinesis, supernatural senses, invisibility, regeneration, longevity, shape-shifting, phase-shifting, shadow vision, flight.

Occupation: Cosmic Guardian and Protector of the Spirit Realm, Spiritual Executioner

Alias/AKA: Hunter of the Realms, The Darkhunter, Wrath of Yah, Retribution Embodied, Ron Ramer

Real Name: Henoch

Height: 6'6

Weight: 480 lbs

Group Affiliations: Heaven's Called

Allies: Gabriel Abraham, Travis Vail, Doctor Dark

Enemies: Demonticronto, Dagor the Soul Eater, Visitant Outlander, Adrambadon

Base of Operations: The Heavens

First Appearance: Tales of the Numinous