Read the excerpts of Dark Titan's first two serial-fiction titles!

The Sword and The Crest.png

Dark Titan has officially released excerpts from two of its serial-fiction titles. Hallow Sword and Chosen Son. Featuring the characters of the Swordman and Taltus, The Powerman. Both titles take place chronologically after Dark Titan Knights. Both are written by Ty'Ron W. C. Robinson II. Click on the images below to download the excerpts.

Hallow Sword: The Utopia Conspiracy
After agreements between various crime lords and the change of the world from the rising heroes, The Swordman uncovers a plot capable of wiping all of Retropolis of both crime and justice.

Chosen Son: Gods and Titans
Zeus, the Greek God of Thunder has struck a bargain with Kex Kendrick with the means to eliminate Taltus, The Powerman from Enigma City and those of his kind from the world itself.

Both serials will be available on April 4th through Dark Titan's upcoming digital store. Which goes live coinciding with the releases of the two serials.

Both serials are under The Core imprint and the Dark Titan Universe branch.

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