Sneak peeks of The Nano Man and Commander Norland available now!

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Dark Titan Entertainment has officially released sneak peeks of The Nano Man: Wrath of the Thetan and Commander Norland: Sector of Darkness. Featuring the characters of The Nano Man and Commander Norland in their own solo adventures. Both titles take place chronologically after Dark Titan Knights and are written by Ty'Ron W. C. Robinson II. Click on the images below to download the excerpts.

The Nano Man: Wrath of the Thetan
With the world knowing the existence of The Nano Man, an elite group referred to as the Elders have sought out their god to convince The Insuperable One to change allegiances or suffer the fate of the divine.

Commander Norland: Sector of Darkness
Continuing the investigation of ADDER and the whereabouts of its legions, Commander Noland and his team search out the remaining camps, while T.I.T.A.N. discovers an ancient burial ground, set with a warning to whomever awakens what lies beneath will bring about chaos upon the earth.

Both serials will be available on April 11th through the Dark Titan digital store.

Both serials are under The Core imprint and the Dark Titan Universe branch.

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