Read the excerpt of The Unstoppable Beast: Being Hunted now!

Being Hunted - Cover.png

Dark Titan Entertainment has officially released the excerpt of The Unstoppable Beast: Being Hunted. Featuring the characters of The Unstoppable Beast in his solo adventures. Both titles take place chronologically after Dark Titan Knights and are written by Ty'Ron W. C. Robinson II. Click on the images below to download the excerpts.

The Unstoppable Beast: Being Hunted
Kent Brock continues to run from the United States Military in fear for his life. General Lawler has recruited a qualified soldier to specifically hunt down Brock. The soldier's agenda is not only to find Brock, but to confront the Beast who lives within him.

The serial will be available on April 18th through the Dark Titan digital store.

The serial is under The Core imprint and the Dark Titan Universe branch.

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