The Beast - Dark Titan Universe.png

"The thunder roars for his presence."

Kent Brock worked as an engineer and scientist who also studied meteorology and nuclear energy never told anyone he was involved in a top secret military project that attempted to create super-soldiers. During the tests, he was injected with an ancient serum which immediately transformed him into a monster. Whenever a thunderstorm approaches or the single touch of a sharp pain, he transforms into the monster within him, with an uncontrollable rage and incredible strength and power, thus he becomes an unstoppable beast.

Powers: Superhuman strength, speed, stamina, agility, and durability. Accelerated healing factor, radiation abilities enhanced strength. Extraordinary leaping abilities. His powers can also increase when there’s a thunderstorm with a lot of lightning or when he‘s near radiation.

Occupation: Engineer, Scientist, Meteorologist

Alias/AKA: The Monster Within, The Iron Gray Goliath, The Brute Figure, The Savage Beast, The Beast Within

Real Name: Kent Brock

Height: 6'2 (Kent Brock); 11'8 (The Beast)

Weight: 205 lbs (Kent Brock); 1089 lbs (The Beast)

Group Affiliations: The Resistance

Allies: The Swordman, Taltus, Nano Man, Commander Norland, James Porter, Charlotte Lawler

Enemies: Mountainrock, General "Commando" Lawler, General Jon Vault, Ruler, Noldar

Base of Operations: Dallas, Texas; Mobile

First Appearance: Dark Titan Knights (Into The Woods)