Bring home the beginning of The Resistance this July in physical format!

The Resistance Protocol Logo.png

For readers who prefer physical books over digital, Dark Titan Entertainment has officially unveiled a new collection/mosaic-novel titled The Resistance Protocol.

"The Resistance are born."

The Swordman. The Powerman. Nano Man. Commander Norland. Theus. and The Unstoppable Beast. Witness the events that brought them together to form The Resistance. From their introductions to their own arcs, leading the way to the team-up of the Dark Titan Universe's core.

The Resistance Protocol collects the first six serialized stories of Dark Titan Knights, Hallow Sword: The Utopia Conspiracy, Chosen Son: Gods and Titans, The Nano Man: Wrath of the Thetan, Commander Norland: Sector of Darkness, The Unstoppable Beast: Being Hunted, and The Resistance: World's Prodigious Heroes. The stories have been edited to fit the complete narrative of Dark Titan's first team and the future of Dark Titan as a whole.

The Resistance Protocol releases on July 31, 2018 in hardcover format.

Written by Ty'Ron W. C. Robinson II.