The primary characters and stories within the Dark Titan Universe. The Swordman, The Powerman, Nano Man, Commander Norland, and The Unstoppable Beast represents the Core of the Dark Titan Universe.

Hallow Sword Logo.png


Set in the grim city of Retropolis and its outskirts of mountains and plains, Hallow Sword follows Kenari Clark, known as The Swordman. Leader of the Creed of Swords, the ancient order in which protects those from both natual and spiritual adversaries. In his quests, The Swordman will come across allies and foes that will determine his course in the world and his leadership of the Order.

Chosen Son Logo.png


Born on Mount Olympus and banished to Earth by Zeus, Chosen Son follows the footsteps and flight of Taltus, the first titagod. fully an adult and his feats witnessed by the world, Taltus is referred to by humanity with the name of The Powerman.

The Nano Man - Logo.jpg


Suffering from a tragedy attack, Nathan Hawke lives his days with his body flowing with bio-nanotechnology. The tech aligns itself with the formation of armored nanosuits built by Hawke after a prototype diagram made by his father. With the suits, Hawke oversees his home outside the knowledge of the people as The Nano Man

Commander Norland - Logo.jpg


Surviving the battlefield of the Republic War after an encounter with a divine entity, Adam Watson lives his newfound life as Commander Norland. Working with the T.I.T.A.N. agency, Norland tracks down missions pertaining to secret government operations. Such as those close to him from the outer circles.

The Unstoppable Beast - Title Logo.png


Kent Brock, a well-known engineer and scientist studying meteorology and radioactivity is injected with a serum to test the theory of creating super-soldiers transforms into a creature to which the heavens roar and scream of his presence. Now, the military moves with fear at his every move, fearing the Beast within may rise once more at the sound of one thunder-crack.

The Resistance - Logo.jpg


The Swordman, The Powerman, The Nano Man, Commander Norland, The Unstoppable Beast, and Theus. Six individuals with different backgrounds. Rarely would they get along with each other, yet, when dire situations call for each of them, they have to unite their combined might and form The Resistance.