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"Do you believe?"

Witnessing his father's murder by the hands of a godlike entity, Kenari Clark began to learn more about his father’s secret activities in an order called the Creed of Swords. Kenari channeled himself to train and to rid of the evil forces that live near the boundaries Retropolis and its outskirts. He traveled to a place in Asia Minor, where he was tutored under the command of Master Neo-Meso under the guidance of Lord Na’s Me Dru within the Order. Upon achieving success in his training, he was given the Sword of the Elohim, a supernatural weapon of great power In order to fight enemies both naturally and spiritually. Returning home, he creates a new persona to use his new learned skills. Giving him the moniker of The Swordman. The title passed down by those who led the Creed of Swords throughout the annals of time.

Powers: High human strength, agility, athleticism, and peak conditions. He is a skilled martial artist, hand-to-hand combatant and gadgets. He also has great stealth and sneakiness. Genius-Level intellect. He is proficient with technology at the same level as Nano Man. Excellent observational skills. He is regarded as the Night Crusader and the Dark Cavalier by the world. labeled as only an urban myth past down through the generations. He is a master strategist and an excellent swordsman. His primary source of weapon is the Sword of the Elohim. Other weapons include high-tech gadgets, grappling forearm gun, smoke bombs.

Occupation: CEO of Cherub Enterprises, Philanthropist, Master Swordsman, Leader of the Creed of Swords

Alias/AKA: The Dark Cavalier, World’s Phenomenal Legend, The Night Crusader, The Dark Sword, The Dark Phantom, The Mythological Man, Lord of the Sword

Real Name: Kenari Clark

Height: 6'3

Weight: 225 lbs

Group Affiliations: The Resistance, Creed of Swords

Allies: The Powerman, Theus, Nano Man, Commander Norland, Creed, Black Viscount, John Terror, Allison Clark, Commissioner James Austin, The Huntswoman

Enemies: Death, Sir Onyx, Maveth The Death-Bringer, Immortal Werewolf, Gunbaine, Maria Swan

Base of Operations: Retropolis, Canada, Swordlair

First Appearance: Dark Titan Knights (Death in Retropolis)