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"Fate has been sealed."

Being born in the Land of Shem, Ragnor Erk-Thorne trained to be a great warrior for his people until he was selected to be in a group called the Cult of Helven, where he learned the art of new martial arts and where he learned the ability to transform the dark energy known as Negonic in any source of possibilities. After being exiled from the cult, he constructed a helmet made from the Negonic energy, donning it with an all white suit equipped with a hood and a cloak/cape. He began to protect his people from the enemies foreign and domestic in a new persona he called the Specter Errant.

Powers: Ability to transform Negonic energy into any source of possibility, night-vision, shadow-vision, X-ray vision, expert martial artist, marksman, swordsman, archer, vast intellect of history and mythology. Vast knowledge of Eragardian and Skartorian history.

Occupation: Overseer, Historian, Mythologist, Scholar

Alias/AKA: The Spook, Divus, The Errant One, The Watchman

Real Name: Ragnor Erk-Thorne

Height: 6'4

Weight: 225 lbs

Group Affiliations: The Liege

Allies: Wraith Knight, The Swordman, Creed, Cinderella

Enemies: Mordecai Gascoyne

Base of Operations: Mobile

First Appearance: Dark Titan Knights (In Time, They Will Know)