Visitant Outlander - Dark Titan Universe.png

"The Future is clear and your path is set."

The origin of The Visitant Outlander is unknown to many within the Dark Titan Universe. The Visitant Outlander investigates occult and supernatural events and occurrences throughout the universe. He comes into conflict with the Dark Manhunter concerning the balance between justice and retribution.

Powers: Immortality, Omniscience, Omni-lingual, Occultist, Magician, Astral Projection, Divine Powers, Cosmic Awareness, Danger Sense, Dimensional Manipulation, Flight, Invisibility, Light Projection, Reality Manipulation, Telepathy, Teleportation, Time Manipulation, Time Travel.

Occupation: Spiritual Protector, Watchman

Alias/AKA: Outlander, The Shade Watcher, Haunting Wanderer, Adramelech Niam, Presence Traveler, Phantasm Wanderer, Walking Phantasm, Haunting Phantom, Ghostly Outsider, Visitant Stranger, Eidolon, Shadow Visitor, Vision of Justice

Real Name: Untold to Creation.

Height: 6'6

Weight: N/A

Group Affiliations: Heaven's Called

Allies: Abraham The Devil Hunter, Travis Vail, Creed, John Terror, Doctor Fortune, Doctor Mysticism

Enemies: Dark Manhunter, Death Chaser, Doctor Dark, Celd

Base of Operations: Dimensional Realms

First Appearance: Tales of the Numinous