Dark Titan Entertainment announces their upcoming serial-fiction titles.

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Dark Titan Entertainment is proud to officially announce their upcoming serial fiction titles written and created by Ty'Ron W. C. Robinson II. Dark Titan Entertainment is an upcoming brand  to release new characters and stories into the world through various genres of storytelling. The serials are spread out in the form of Imprints. The Core, The Scattered, and The Numinous.

The following serial titles are:

  • Hallow Sword
  • Chosen Son
  • The Nano Man
  • Commander Norland
  • The Unstoppable Beast
  • The Resistance
  • The Astonishing Voltage
  • Bionic Rage
  • Terror
  • Q-Arrow
  • Doctor Fortune
  • Kular The Aqua-Barbarian
  • Destiny of the Champions
  • Yonderers
  • Enforcement Order 66
  • The Ire of Flashburn
  • Creed
  • Death Chaser
  • The Devilhunter
  • Travis Vail, Spirit-Seeker
  • The Man Called Fable
  • Cinderella
  • Heaven Has Called
  • Doctor Dark

There will also be One-Shot titles released alongside the current serial titles. The first two One-Shots are Maveth, The Death-Bringer and Mystery of the Mutant-Thing.

Maveth, The Death-Bringer tells the story of Danton Thomas, a mercenary who is sent on an assassination to stop a fellow traitor to a criminal organization. While on his mission, Danton discovers more opportunities to achieve in his field in the form of the rising heroes.

Mystery of the Mutant-Thing unites Abraham The Devilhunter and Travis Vail, the Spirit-Seeker in discovering the strange and macabre mystery surrounding the famed Mutant-Thing. Traveling across the world, the two numinous ones have to recruit two others in finding the location of the mystery's origin.

The serials will be released starting on April 4, 2018 with Hallow Sword and Chosen Son. The Nano Man and Commander Norland on April 11, 2018. The Unstoppable Beast and The Resistance on April 18, 2018. Maveth, The Death-Bringer releases on April 25, 2018. Other serial titles will be released starting in May and throughout the following months.

More details concerning the serials are located in the Imprints section of the website. The Dark Titan Universe is only one branch of Dark Titan and will continue to expand with the DTE (Dark Titan Extended) with such stories to come which do not pertain to the DTU (Dark Titan Universe).

Continue to check for more updates concerning Dark Titan Entertainment and its growing universes here on darktitanentertainment.com

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