Dark Titan Entertainment unveils the titles of the thirty stories in Dark Titan Knights!

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Dark Titan Entertainment has officially released the titles of the thirty stories within Dark Titan Knights. The Introduction to the Dark Titan Universe. Twenty-six stories are solo-based while the remaining four are two-part stories.

The Thirty Stories are the following:

  1. Death in Retropolis
  2. Alliance Settled: A Two-Part Story
  3. The Scavenger's Hunt
  4. ADDER's Game
  5. Noldar's Trickery: A Two-Part Story
  6. Into The Woods
  7. The Supreme Enchanter
  8. A Night in Los Angeles
  9. The Battle of The Kings: A Two-Part Story
  10. Quantum Mission
  11. Chaser of Souls
  12. The Purpose of Darkness and Light
  13. Arrow for Hire
  14. The Avago Land
  15. Chicago's Guardian
  16. Alley Brawl
  17. The Sly Detective
  18. Welcome to T.I.T.A.N.
  19. The Abandoned Hotel
  20. The Party People
  21. Preparation for the Coming
  22. Restoring One's Motive
  23. Knowing Who You Serve
  24. A Con Man's Game
  25. Epoch One: A Two-Part Story
  26. We Are Who We Are
  27. Targeted
  28. Running Before Time
  29. Scouting Session
  30. In Time, They Will Know

The purpose of Dark Titan Knights is to introduce the world to the Dark Titan Universe and those who dwell within its realm of existence. Several of the stories are preludes to the serial-fiction titles and the outcomes will certainly follow.

Dark Titan Knights is written by Ty'Ron W. C. Robinson II and releases on March 6, 2018.

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