The secondary characters and stories within the Dark Titan Universe. Ranging from The Voltage, Bionic Rage, Terror, Q-Arrow, Doctor Fortune, Yonderers, and many others. They represent the Scattered ones of the Dark Titan Universe.

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After an electric occurrence deemed an accident by the federal forces, Steve Walker is enhanced with the abilities of energy manipulation and superhuman speed equipped with superhuman strength and agility. Believing it to be of great use, Steve decides to assist the people of Los Angeles as the Astonishing Voltage.


Losing his arms and lower legs in an accident on the battlefield. Growing with anger every day, Dameon Mason sets to make things right by his own terms; by using his newly equipped bionic limbs capable of producing fire rounds, tremors, and flight. Mason is referred to be the armed forces as a walking bionic rage.


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A spiritual assassin trained under a secret organization. John Terror keeps to himself and his doings within the city of Chicago. From eliminating criminal forces to facing supernatural adversaries. Anything in his presence is always seeking a way out of the land of the living and Terror will happily provide them the means by his service; Extermination.



Asher Dale, a businessman and owner of several casinos within the city of Las Vegas, famous among his peers and colleagues. Only if they knew what he did with his time during the late hours. Asher becomes the Q-Arrow. His actions in the city have kept some calm, but there are those who seek to bring harm solely to attract the attention of the Golden Archer.


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Doctor Donald Fortune, the Supreme Enchanter trained by the Mystic Father in a faraway land returns to society from his mediated seclusion to discovery the world isn't as it once was and forces of the dark desire to create the consequences necessary for Fortune to unveil his true potential.


Protector of the Seas and the King of the Kingdom of Atlantis. Kular travels to learn more about humanity and how the land-dwellers operate. Only to have learned of their interest in his kingdom and discovering it for their own glory. While the Aqua-Barbarian makes it his purpose to confront humanity, a threat from his own estate meets him like a thief in the night.

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Being witness to a terrible and tragic future, Doctor Amadeus Omega time travels to the present era to recruit those hero and enemy alike to join him in changing the future for the better. Saving it for not only themselves, but for those yet to be born.


Nubreeds are a disliked people in the world. Only seeking to fit in and to receive a hatred response due to their special abilities. Professor Cullen Edge seeks to change that method by bringing together a group of young individuals from across cultures and lands to face those both powerful and militant in nature. To make the world a better place for humans and nubreeds. Even if there are those on either side who demand they remain separate, lest they enter a conflict capable of destroying life as they know it.

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Watching as the world gives in to the rising heroes, Adrian Brown enlists United States Lieutenant Gage Hark in finding those worthy of a position to join her ranks. Ranks heroes wouldn't dare commit to join. Those worthy however aren't the typical figures known to bring it, they're labeled criminals to society and joining the Enforcement comes with a promising guaranteeā€”Freedom.


Floyd Rizzo, a young engineer comes into contact with an elemental entity deeming him worthy of a cause. The entity places his own power within Rizzo, transforming him into the Flashburn, a being of elemental fire.

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