Theories of the supernatural continue to flow through the minds of humanity. Yet, the otherworldly realms exists within the circles of the Dark Titan Universe and there are those who combat against the malevolent forces. Ranging from Creed, Death Chaser, Doctor Dark, Travis Vail, Cinderella, Heaven's Called, and others. They represent the Numinous of the Dark Titan Universe.

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Andrew Martin died in a trick accident. Ending up in the afterlife, he was greeted by the ruler of the Cryptic Zone, Adrambadon. The Cryptic Leader set a deal with Martin in turn, granting his return to the living. Upon returning, Martin was no longer the same. His new body was stronger and deadly. He wielded supernatural power. Therefore, Andrew Martin was dead and Creed was born. An unholy knight upon the world.


Danny Logan, a known stuntman and prime actor sets to make things right upon the earth. Witnessing the hungriness and hopelessness of others, along with the growing sight of evil. Danny is confronted by an older man. Strange in nature. Presenting to Danny a contract that will enable him to make his changes into reality. Danny signs the contract and his goals have come to life only in the form of the Death Chaser, a Soul of Retribution.

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Following the loss of his wife and daughter to a demonic attack, Gabriel Abraham has transformed himself and his life into the journey of a slayer. Gaining a team on his side through various means, Abraham will be forever known as the Devilhunter.


Travis Vail, the occult detective. Nearly seasoned as a paranormal investigator, his discovery leads him into another world. One which surrounds his very own. Seeking to learn more about the new world, Vail finds others like him and foes stronger than his previous cases that lead him on the path to answers.

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Kurt Wesker, a troubled, stubborn con artist. Wanted by the authorities across the world. No one has been able to even trap him. Kurt has his wits to disappearing acts and others feats which display his knowledge of the magical realm.


Criminal Investigator by day and Sly Detective by night, Cindy Lawson lives her life completely in opposition to most within her circle. Dealing with the actions of the Stepmother, the Sisters, and folkloric figures, Cindy does what she can to make London better. Not only for herself, but for those who can't help themselves.

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Gabriel Abraham, The Devilhunter and Travis Vail, The Spirit-Seeker. Both well-verse in the supernatural realm learn of a greater emerging force. The two must form a team of those mysterious and unseen in order to stop the threats from entering the natural realm if they seek to keep life as it is.


Darkous of the Astrals. Protector of the darkness in the universe. Endowed with its power to oversee all things concerning the matters of darkness and light. When uncertain events turn out of hand by those of the earth and of the outer realms, Darkous makes it his purpose to repair what others have ruin.

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