Dark Titan Entertainment Unveils Kobo Exclusive Titles!

Kobo Exclusives Three Titles Square.png

Dark Titan Entertainment has now unveiled the official titles exclusively for Kobo and their readers! The three titles are Hallow Sword: Cursed, Battle for Astolat, and Remember The Crying Girl.

Hallow Sword: Cursed is a supernatural horror/detective/mystery story featuring The Swordman teaming up with Travis Vail, the Spirit-Seeker in investigating a strange spiritual occurrence in Retropolis. Bringing him into conflict with some of the city’s known adversaries and a few from the outside.

Battle for Astolat is a prequel to The Haunted City Saga. Set in the early years of Randolph Henrich. The Warslingers answer the call from Elaine of Astolat to help save the city from mystical forces. Although, everything is not as it was told and Henrich learns more at what it takes to being a Warslinger.

Remember The Crying Girl is a crime story circulated around Rosa, a young girl who goes missing and the last thing people remember is her cry. Whether it was a cry for help or a cry of relief is unknown. But, the girl is missing and it is up to those around the area to solve the mystery.

These will be the first titles for Kobo. More are planned for later reveals in 2020.

Hallow Sword: Cursed releases on October 11th and is available for pre-order.
Battle for Astolat releases in 2020. Around the release of Redemption of the Lost: The Haunted City II.
Remember The Crying Girl releases in 2020.