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A group of campers are sitting by a fire near their tents. They talk with one another while looking around the area surrounding him.

“Hey, you guys realize that we’re in the same forest as the Bigfoot?”

“Yeah. We do.” The young woman said.

“So, I have a plan. You can call it a dare if you wish. But, why don’t we go out and search for Bigfoot ourselves.”

The camp is silent. The campers look at each other before staring at the male camper. One of the other male campers stands up and walks over to the camper. He sits beside him.

“Why don’t you go out there and find Bigfoot. Just imagine how much attention and fame you could receive.”

The campers smile. Thinking on the possibilities which would come if encountering a Bigfoot.

“I like the way you’re talking.”

The camper stands up and grabs one of the flashlights sitting by one of the tents. He takes a look back at the camp and heads into the forest. The rest of the campers looked at each other with a little doubt in their faces.

Within the forest itself, the camper continues walking with a large smile on his face. The fame and fortune is on his mind as he starts moving in excitement.

“I’m going to find you a Bigfoot. Believe me, I surely will.”

While he walked through the forest, he hears what sounds like branches cracking on the ground as if their being stepped on. He stopped walking and stood still. He turns around seeing if any of the campers had followed him into the forest to scare him.

“Alright, guys. Don't try to make this a joke.”

More rustling sounds come from the tree nearby. The camper becomes more terrified as to which he cannot see. The rustling continues as the camper makes a 360 degree turn, looking around himself. After a few seconds, the rustling stops and everything becomes quiet. All the camper can here now are his friends talking amongst themselves back at the site. He releases a small sigh and wipes his forehead.

“Thought someone was playing a trick on me. Just my imagination.”

He turned around to walk back to his camp and from behind him comes a long hairy arm with brown hair. The arm snatches the camper’s shirt and pulls him with great strength. The camper falls onto his back and tries his hardest to get up and run, but, the arm grabs his leg and knocks him onto the ground. He claws his way trying to hold on to something as the arm pulls him deeper into the abyss of the forest.


His cries for help can barely be heard by his other camping friends as he is pulled into the darkness of the forest as his screams immediately stop.

A young boy holds a rifle in his hand as an older man stands behind him. The young boy is Matt and the older man is his Uncle Charles. Both of them are wearing camouflage uniforms to blend in with the trees. Charles is teaching Matt how to use the rifle for hunting. Matt tries to hold the rifle tightly.

“Just remember what I told you before, nephew. Be steady and relax your arms.”

“Relax my arms and be steady.”

“That’s right. Just do what I said and you’ll do good. Now, there must be some buck around here.”

“Maybe someone has already come by and scared them off?”

“No chance that happened. There are too many deer out here to count at times and we shouldn’t miss out on this.”

Matt stares through the bushes in front of him and spots movement. His eyes bulge as he steadies the rifle.

“Uncle, there’s a deer. Over there.”

Charles reaches for his binoculars and looks. He sees the deer in front of him. An adult deer.

“About time one of them big bucks showed up.” said Charles. “Are you ready to do this, Matt?”

“I am ready to do this.”

“Show me what you can do, nephew.”

Matt holds the rifle tight and relaxes himself. Taking a few deep breaths as Charles watches on. The deer still standing in his previous position. He places his finger on the trigger and takes one last breath. FIRE! Matt fires the shot and hits the deer in its side. Both Matt and Charles see the deer fall to the ground and both jump up with excitement.

“That’s what I'm talking about.” Charles said proudly. “That’s how you take a shot.”

“I’m surprised I did it. I took down a deer.”

“You did great. Now, let’s go grab the thing and take it back home so we can have some food on our table.”

Charles gives Matt a high-five as they walk over to the deer. Charles grabs the deer by his hind legs as Matt holds it by its front legs. They take the deer back to their truck and place it in the back. They enter the truck and Charles drives away from the forest.

Charles drives the truck as Matt sits in the passenger’s seat with a big smile on his face. Charles looks over at Matt.

“I am truly excited to see you continue this on, nephew.”

“It was great. I’ve never felt anything like that.”

“The power of the rifle or making your first hunt?”

“I would have to say both.”

Charles notices the radio broadcast and turns up the volume to listen. He hears a reporter talking.

“We have reports of a hairy beast that appears to be lurking around the woods of our area and officials say those who live near the woods need to caution themselves when stepping outside of their homes.”

“What kind of hairy beast are they talking about, Uncle?”

“I’m not too sure at the moment.”

The Radio Reporter continued to speak.

“From what we’ve uncovered by the reports, the descriptions of the hairy beast resemble that of the legendary Bigfoot.”

Matt turned his head over toward Charles with a shocking awe on his face.

“Bigfoot they say, huh.”

“Do you believe that we could go out one day and search for it ourselves? Like we do our hunting?”

“I would say one day we could go out and look for Bigfoot. Should be an exciting event.”

The truck drives down the road.

Charles pulls the truck up to his cabin-style country home on the outskirts of the city. Matt gets out of the truck and heads inside the home as Charles follows him.

Matt walked over to his left and placed the rifle back into the gun shelf sitting on the right side of the wall. Charles walked over and placed his rifle into the shelf and closed it. He locks it after. They hear someone knocking on their door and Charles walks over to answer it.

“See who this is at the door.”

Charles opened the door and sees his neighbor, Arnold, with his daughter Bridgette. He invites them in. Peter a friend of Matt’s runs toward the door to get Charles’ attention. Charles smiles as Peter entered the home.. Knowing who he was.

“Well, how are you folks doing on this day?”

“No problems coming upon us today, Charles.” said Arnold. “Bridgette wanted to come over to see Matt. Guess the Peter fellow there is also a friend of your nephew.”

“He comes around every so often.” Charles said. “A close friend of Matt’s. So, why did you decide to visit me today?”

“I was curious to know if you heard about the Bigfoot sighting that took place in these woods?”

“I heard about it this morning on the radio. What happened now? Something else come up about the beast?”

“There was also a missing person’s report that was published and the campers claim their friend had to have been taken by Bigfoot. Though, they’re not sure on that matter. The police are already on it and have brought in a huntsman to capture the beast.”

“A huntsman?” Charles said with confusion in his voice.

“The Forest Ranger has been going around the nearby homes to warn them about the search and the beast itself.”

“No ranger has come over to my place today.”

A few knocks are heard from the door as Charles gets out of his chair to walk toward the door. He opens the door and its the FOREST RANGER (36), wearing a brown buttoned down shirt with light brown slacks and combat boots. He wears his black sunglasses.

“May I help you good sir?”

“I’m the Forest Ranger and I’ve been going around the nearby homes to give a warning to the people about these woods.”

“I’m well aware about what’s transpired in the woods, sir. No need to tell me about the whole thing.”

“It is my duty to give you the information needed about what we’re doing in this forest. We have an investigation on a missing person as well as a Bigfoot sightings. Since you live near the forest, we will have your land watched by our officials for searching the person and or the Bigfoot creature.”

Charles cocked his head as he stared toward the Ranger.

“You mean to tell me that my home and I are going to be watched until you end your search party?”

“That is correct, sir.” The Ranger stated.

“Well, for you and your party to know, I don’t approve of this. This makes you guys spying on my property and myself. Including my nephew who is here for the weekend.”

The Ranger stood still, keeping his eyes locked on Charles.

“You have no say so on this matter, sir. I bid you a good day.”

The Ranger steps off the porch and gets into his jeep and drives off of Charles’ property. Charles shuts the door as Arnold stands up and approaches him.

“I take it you didn’t like what he said.”

“You do understand that this is spying at its finest.”

“We can do nothing about it, my friend. It is in their hands now.”

Matt and Peter sit and look at ways to hunt and study astrology. They hear a knock at the door.

“Come in.” Matt said.

Bridgette walks in to the room and sits next to Matt and Peter. She sees them studying astrology and looking up hunting tips on the internet.

“This can’t be all you guys continue to do on a daily basis?”

“We also play video games, watch a little TV, and gaze at the stars with the telescope.” Peter added.

“On a daily basis at most.”

“I thought you would be looking at the Bigfoot sighting that took place over here.”

“I heard about it on the radio this morning. I talked with my uncle to see if we could go and search for it.”

“Take it from me, friend. Bigfoot cannot exist. There are so many scientific studies that indicate it can’t exist.”

“Maybe sometimes they receive the wrong calculations.”

“No. Science always gets it correct when doing a strict search and study. Same goes for mathematics. Numbers do not lie.”

Bridgette gave Peter a smartly look as she turned her attention toward Matt, who’s changed from studying hunting to Bigfoot sightings on his computer.

“Well, we could find out for sure by searching the beast ourselves.” Matt said.

“I don’t think that would be possible. Considering the amount of police that are scattered throughout the forest. We could be caught and in trouble.”

“We don’t go in the daytime. Most Bigfoot sightings occur when night falls. So, we can go out tonight and do our own investigation.”

“A distinctive and thorough investigation would work just fine.” Peter said. We’ll need flashlights and equipment to get this going.”

Matt looks at Peter and gives him a high-five. They turn to Bridgette, who only stares at them. She sighs and gives them both a high-five.

“I’ll do it.” She said. “Just for the sake of making history.”

“If anyone is making any kind of history. It would be me.”

“We’ll see who will be making history when we find the Bigfoot ourselves and prove its existence.”

The police scatter the woods looking for the missing person and the Bigfoot. The Forest Ranger arrives on the scene and approaches one of the leading officers.

“Any luck on the missing person?”

“No luck at all.” An officer answered. “Do you really want us to search for this Bigfoot creature?”

“We have someone for that task already. You’re only needed for the missing person.”

The officer giggles and smirks at the Ranger.

“You can’t possibly be serious when you say that you have someone who will search these woods for a Bigfoot. We know the thing is make-believe.”

“Have you ever encountered the creature yourself, officer?”

“You have to be joking around with me on this one, Ranger. There is no such thing as a Bigfoot. Like I just said, its all make-believe. Same thing goes for ghosts, warlocks, dragons, and even ghost hounds. Which that investigation itself was a complete cover-up.”

“I only asked if you’ve seen the Bigfoot. I didn’t ask for your belief in the supernatural. That leads me to believe that you’ve never seen the beast. Therefore, worry yourself on the missing person and the Huntsman will deal with the beast.”

The Officer shows a confused look on his face as he squinted his eyes a bit.

“I’m sorry. But, did you just say a Huntsman will be searching for Bigfoot?”

Yes. He’s one of our best guys to work with on search hunts.”

A camouflage jeep pulls up on the side of the road, facing the woods. The Ranger and Officer turn around to see black combat boots step out of the jeep as the driver walks around the vehicle to enter the forest.

“There he is now, officer.” The Ranger pointed.

The officer looks and sees that the man is the Huntsman. Wearing all camouflage to blend in with the forest and is carrying a machete in hand. He approaches the Ranger and they shake hands.

“Good to have you back here, Huntsman.”

“No issue. I’m just here to do my duty. Now, where’s this Bigfoot that you speak of.”

The Huntsman walks into the woods, passing by and walking through the amount of scattered officers searching.

“He looks like a tough kind of guy.”

“He’s one of the best.” The Ranger declared. “Very simple to understand.”

Matt sits in his room with Peter and they discuss possible plans to sneak into the woods without being caught by the police. They look at a map that shows the entire location of the map.

“Do you think its possible that we could come in through that way?” Matt asked, pointing at the map.

“I doubt we could enter through there.” Peter replied. “I would only assume that more police would be on that side of the woods rather than this side. Just a guess.”

“How do you suggest we convince my uncle to let us out into the woods for the night?”

“He wouldn’t let you go into those woods on your own. Let alone with me by your side. He would want to enter the woods too.”

“Why don’t we go and ask him.”

“It’s worth a shot.”

Matt gets up from the chairs and leaves his room. Peter follows him.

Matt comes down the steps with Peter following. He sees his uncle sitting down on the couch watching the TV. Charles glances at Matt and Peter as they approach him.

“What are you two boys planning on now?”

“What gives you the perception that we have something planned?” Peter asked cautiously.

“You two never come around together unless you’re preparing to do something. What are you preparing to do?”

“We hope to go into the forest tonight to search for the Bigfoot.” Matt said.

Charles looks at Matt with his eyebrows raised. Peter turns his head.

“You understand that the law is out there searching for a missing person and they’re watching every home around the forest. Going out there would get you in some deep trouble.”

“Not to worry, Uncle. We found a way of getting into the forest without being caught by the police.”

Charles sat on the couch, thinking. Matt and Peter glanced over at each other before turning their attention back to Charles. He stood up and walked to the door. He grabbed his jacket and placed it on and he reached over for his cap and placed it on his head. He walked over to the gun shelf and took out his rifle. He walked to the door before turning toward Matt and Peter.

“I’m not letting you two going out there alone with the law and a beast.”

“Wait till Bridgette finds out about this.”

Charles turned quickly toward Peter.

“Bridgette is involved in your little scheme too?! Does her father know about this?”

“No, Uncle. He does not know about any of this.”

“Where is she now?” Charles asked. “Is she already in the woods waiting for you two to show up?”

“Yes sir.” Peter answered. “She went ahead to get a better look at the entrance for us.

“Let’s go. I’ll tell her father about this and see what he has to say.”

Bridgette waits at the entrance of the forest waiting for Matt and Peter to arrive. She stands behind a tree to avoid passing cars.

“Where are you two boys?”

Charles drives his truck with Matt and Peter in the passenger’s area. Peter looks around the forest to find Bridgette.

“She should be around here somewhere.” Peter said.

“Are you sure, Peter?”

“He’s right, Uncle. She should be around this area here.”

Charles stops the truck on the side of the road and gets out of the truck. Matt and Peter exit the truck and Peter starts walking into the woods.

“Bridgette, are you here?” Peter yelled.

“Bridgette, are you over here?” Matt yelled. “Hello?”

They hear something rustling in the trees in front of them. Peter startles with Matt inching closer to the trees. Charles takes out his rifle and slowly walks toward the trees in front of Matt. The rustling stops and Bridgette reveals herself. The group sighs in relief.

“What did you expect it would be? The Bigfoot itself.”

“Very funny.” Matt said.

“It could have been more frightening if it was Bigfoot. Peter added.

“Enough horsing around.” said Charles. “Let’s get this all over with.”

They enter the forest together, staying close toward one another.

While Matt, Bridgette, Peter, and Charles walk through the dark forest, they hear sounds of people speaking amongst themselves. In the distance, Peter notices lights ahead of them. He points toward them.

“Anyone else see those lights ahead?”

“Stay close.” Charles said. “No telling who that could be.?

“It could be the police.” Bridgette said.

“That’s what I was getting to. Just try to stay quiet and avoid those lights up there.”

They walk slowly to avoid the lights in front of them. They make a slight right turn into the forest, going an opposite direction from the lights.

On the other end of the forest, the Huntsman searches for the Bigfoot. He walks through the bushes and trees, slicing them apart with his machete. He releases a small smirk while walking through.

“Where is this Bigfoot?” He wondered.

He took out a communicator and began to speak.

“Do you mind if I ask where was the last location of this creature?”

On the other end of the talkie is the Forest Ranger. Who responds to the Huntsman’s question.

“Not too far from where you’re currently location, Huntsman. Continue forward and you should come right up on it.”

“I appreciate it.” Huntsman said.

The Huntsman continues walking forward. He catches a swift stench in the air. He exhales and covers his face.

“That stench. What is it?”

He kept walking forward as the smell began to grow more enticing toward him.

Walking through, Matt catches the same stench in the air. He covers his nose as the stench reaches Charles, Bridgette, and Peter.

“What is that smell?” Matt asked.

“It smells like something died around here.” Peter replied.

“Maybe its that missing person they were searching for.” Bridgette suggested.

“No.” Charles said. “I recognize that stench from anywhere.”

“Where is it coming from, Uncle?”

“We’re getting closer. Very close.”

They continue walking and the stench increases. As they walked closer to the stench, they hear a sudden rustle in front of them. As if something or someone is walking through the forest next to them.

Continuing from the other end of the forest, The Huntsman begins power walking as the stench becomes stronger. He covers his face from inhaling the stench that smells of a foul animal or a dead animal. As The Huntsman walks, he steps on a pair of berries that are laying on the ground. He reaches down and rubs the crushed berries with his fingers and sniffs.

“I suspect I’m getting closer to my prize.”

Matt, Charles, Peter, and Bridgette continue going deeper into the forest as the stench consumes their entire location. All four of them cover their faces, mainly their noses and mouths from the stench.

“I've never smelled a stench quite like this.” Peter said. “It is strong.”

“That’s the stench of a Bigfoot, my people. We are nearing its presence. Watch your every location and movement. Keep quiet as possible.”

As they continued walking, they suddenly hear a distant roar. The roar sounded like an animal that is not known to man, yet so loud that nearly the entire forest would be able to hear it. The Huntsman stopped in his tracks as he listened to the roar.

“What kind of beast are you?”

As each side continue to get closer to the area where the roar is coming from, Matt looks over to his left and sees the Huntsman walking in their direction, going the same route as they were. Peter takes a glance over and also sees the Huntsman. He points toward him.

“May I ask who that man is over there?”

Charles looked over to where Peter pointed and saw the Huntsman. He immediately recognized the man.

“Quick! Hide!”

They all scatter and hide within the bushes and behind the trees as the Huntsman walks right into their location. The Huntsman knows that someone is also in the forest with him besides the police and the Forest Ranger. Yet, he knows they’re on the other side of the forest. He sniffs and whistle with a low tone.

“Now, I am aware that I’m not alone in this part of the forest. So, I suggest you teenagers or cryptic fanatics please leave at once or suffer a greater fate than going to jail.

They stay silent as they glance over at the Huntsman, who’s standing in the middle of the location they were previously standing. He circles around to see every direction around him.

“Very well. I give you this one warning. Do not and I repeat this, do not get in my way unless you want to disappear from off the grid.”

The Huntsman turns around and continues getting closer to the roar, that is still ongoing. As he walks away, Matt comes out from behind the bushes and so does the rest of them.

“What’s the current plan, Uncle?”

“We keep going with our plan.”

“Wait, didn’t you just hear what that man said.” Bridgette said. “If he sees us, he’s going to rid of us.”

“You’re paranoid, Bridgette.” Peter responded. “He was only talking out of overconfidence. He just wanted to frighten us.”

“We keep moving. But very, very quiet. We have to avoid the Huntsman at all cost.”

“Sure thing.” Matt said.

The Forest Ranger continues to sit outside of the forest in his jeep as more police continue searching for the missing person. The Ranger takes out the talkie and speaks into it.

“Huntsman. Do you hear me? Please speak.”

The Huntsman answers on the talkie.

“I hear you clear as the night sky, Ranger. What have you gotten for me?”

“I just need to check on your search to see how it was going. We heard a roar out there and wondered if you encountered what caused it?”

“I am on the pursuit as I speak with you. Though, I will tell you that we have some human visitors in the forest with us and they’re very close to my location.”

“I’ll send some officers to your location and they’ll smoke them out.”

“There’s no need for that, Ranger. I can handle the visitors just as I will handle this Bigfoot.”

“Very well. Continue doing your work and we’ll get back to you.”

“Well when it’s done.”

The Ranger places his talkie down on the passenger seat and looks out of the door window at the officers going in and out of the forest.

The Huntsman continues walking as Matt and the others slowly and quietly follow behind him. The Huntsman looks down and sees a large amount of leaves and broken branches on the ground. Formed to look as if something was living in the location.

“It seems that I’ve stepped right into your territory, beast. Now, where are you?”

Matt and the others arrive at the location and hide in a small space from the Huntsman. They look around and see the leaves and branches that surround the location.

“Look at how the area is designed.” Matt noticed. ‘Do you think the Bigfoot could be living here?”

“This is its lair and we’re stepping right onto its territory.” Charles said. “We need to be careful on this one.”

The Huntsman circles the area and scouts through the nearby trees and bushes. He passed by Matt and the others during his search. He walks and stands directly in the middle of the area.

“Very well, now.” The Huntsman proclaimed. “I know you’re somewhere close, beast. Now, I demand that you show yourself to me and I will be out of my way.”

The Huntsman looks around and can only hear silence as the forest is quiet. CRACK! The Huntsman turns around and starts to hear the sound of branches being stepped on coming from within the dark part of the forest and is slowly approaching the area. The Huntsman smiles and stands his ground with his right hand behind his back. Matt and the others look and hear the branches cracking.

“Come on! You wretched beast! I do not have all night to wait for your arrival.”

A spider slowly crawls onto Peter’s shirt. Bridgette turned and noticed it. She pointed toward it.

“Peter, there’s a spider on your shirt.”

“Don’t be ridiculous.” Peter gestured with a smirk.

Matt glanced over to Peter and saw the spider.

“There is a spider on your shoulder, Peter.”

Peter slowly looked over on his right shoulder and seen the spider being still. Peter shrieked and jumped out of the bushes and right into the sight of the Huntsman. The Huntsman smiles.

“Well, what have we here tonight. A young teenage boy out in the dark forest alone? It cannot be so.”

Matt, Charles, and Bridgette step out from behind the bushes and stand beside Peter, staring at the Huntsman.

“Oh. We have the whole crew here don’t we. Two young boys, a young girl, and a old man to guide them. Seems you haven’t done your job guiding them.”

“The way I choose the guide them is none of your concern, Huntsman.” Charles said.

“You know who I am and why I’m here.”

“You don’t belong here. I suggest you leave the forest while you still can.”

“What exactly could you do to me. Hit me with your cane?!”

“I’ll hit you with something.”

Charles reached back and brought out his rifle. He aims it directly at the Huntsman. The Huntsman smiles as his eyes get bigger.

“The old man threatens to shoot someone who’s here to help his area.”

“We don’t need your help here. We can take care of ourselves.”

“Not according to what I’ve heard about from the recent news that

surrounds this land. A camper goes missing, a bigfoot sighting. Tell me, does that sound life a safe environment to live in or not?”

“I don’t give a damn what you think of it. You don’t live in this area.”

“If that’s how you truly feel. Looks as if I have no choice but to do this and I won’t be sorry for it.”

The Huntsman throws a small knife at Charles and the knife pierces him in the shoulder. He yells as he falls to the ground. The rifle falls off of his shoulders and onto the ground next to him.

“UNCLE!!!” Matt screamed.

Matt kneels down at his uncle, who’s in pain form the knife. Peter and Bridgette kneel down toward Charles. The Huntsman only stands and gives out a low giggle.

“I said I wouldn’t be sorry for what I was about to do. Now, if you teenagers would step out of the way. I need to find my prize.”

Another loud roar is heard from within the forest and its right next to the location where the Huntsman is currently standing. His faced twists as he smiles and his eyes become even bigger than previously.

“Now, its time to get down to business.”

They all hear the loud, thumping footsteps approaching them. They all look over into the shadow covered area of the forest and out comes a tall, brutish figure. Covered from head to toe in dark brown fur. Its yellowish-red eyes stare deeply toward the Huntsman. The Bigfoot had arrived.

“FINALLY! I’ve come into contact with the legendary Bigfoot. Now, I shall take you down and end your reign of terror!”

The Bigfoot roars at the Huntsman as he reaches to his side and pulls out his machete. Matt glances over and seen the machete.

“No!” Matt yelled.

The Huntsman and Bigfoot circle each other in a stare down. The Bigfoot growls toward the Huntsman as he only smiles and begins to laugh in a sinister way.

“Ready to die?” The Huntsman asked with a grin.

The Bigfoot roars at the Huntsman as he lunges toward the Bigfoot. The Huntsman struggles with the Bigfoot. Matt looks down at his uncle’s rifle and picks it up.

The Huntsman continues fighting the Bigfoot, trying to get an open area to slice at the Bigfoot. The Bigfoot shoves the Huntsman back.

“Seems that I underestimated your great strength. But, it won’t be enough to stop me!”

The Huntsman waves the machete and it slices the right leg of the Bigfoot. The Bigfoot groans in pain as it falls down to one knee. The Huntsman laughs as he stands over the kneeled Bigfoot.

“Now, I will finish you off and I will claim your fame.”

The Huntsman raises up the machete over the Bigfoot’s head. He prepares for the final kill. BAM! A gunshot is heard and the Huntsman falls backwards. He notices that something is wrong. He looks down at his chest and sees himself bleeding from a gunshot. He turns his head toward his right and sees Matt holding the rifle. He knows that Matt shot him.

“Looks like I’ve claimed your fame.”

The Huntsman smirks and dies. The Bigfoot gains the strength to stand on its two feet. It looks down at the Huntsman’s body and roars. Matt and the others sit still as the Bigfoot looked over toward them. The Bigfoot stared in the eyes of Matt and they begin to hear rustling in the woods coming toward them. Sounds like a mass of people running over toward the area.

“We have to go now.” Charles said.

Matt and Peter help Charles up as they leave the area. Matt looks back and only sees the hairy back of the Bigfoot walking away deep into the shadows of the forest.

After leaving, the police arrive along with the Forest Ranger. He looks down and sees the Huntsman laying on the ground.

“Search this entire area! Immediately!

The Forest Ranger only stands still, looking down at the body of the Huntsman.

Matt, Peter, and Bridgette sit in the living room of the home, watching the TV and on the internet by use of the laptop. In the kitchen sits Charles, who’s shoulder is bandaged up and next to him is Arnold and his wife.

“Looks like you’ll be OK.”

“I’ve been through much worse.”

Matt focused heavily on the TV and the news broadcast comes up about the Huntsman being found dead in the woods and how there were not sightings of the Bigfoot. Charles glanced over and walked toward Matt. He sat next to him on the couch.

“Don’t worry yourself about it. You did what had to be done. To protect

not only, me, but your friends, yourself, and even the Bigfoot.”

“I understand Uncle. Thanks for the practice.”

“I knew it would come in handy someday.”

The land from Charles’ home to Arnold’s home and to the other residents’ homes is clear and peaceful during the night. The forest itself, quiet and still. Yet, deep within the forest, the roar sounded off once more.

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