Dark Titan reveals the first titles of the Dark Titan Noir imprint!

Dark Titan Noir - Title Square.png

Dark Titan Entertainment has officially unveiled the first two titles under the Dark Titan Noir imprint. Mainly focused on the hard-boiled detective and mystery genres, both of the following titles will feature a hint of supernatural horror.

The following titles are:

Set within the Dark Titan Universe branch, mixing together the Core and Numinous imprints, Hallow Sword: Cursed details the strange story of a series of events terrorizing the city of Retropolis. As The Swordman goes to investigate, he discovers something darker is at work, thereby contacting Travis Vail, the Spirit-Seeker to aid him in uncovering the darkness within the city.

A mixture of hard-boiled detective, mystery, and horror. Set within the Dark Titan Extended branch, Adept Massacre follows Private Investigator Luke Cline on the move to uncover a plague of murders in the city of Detroit. On the job, Cline learns more concerning the evil in the world than most will admit.

Hallow Sword: Cursed will be a 3-part story arc beginning on April 3, 2019.
Adept Massacre will be a 13-part story arc beginning on June 12, 2019.

Both titles written and created by Ty'Ron W. C. Robinson II.