Enter a new division: Dark Titan Interactive!

Dark Titan Interactive Circle Logo.png

It seems the time has come to unveil a new division to Dark Titan Entertainment. This division is titled Dark Titan Interactive. The purpose of this division is to allow the characters and stories of Dark Titan to branch off into the interactive realm. Ranging from video games on both mobile, tablet, PC, and console devices to VR to AR.

Still in the very early stages of development, Dark Titan Interactive seeks to first enter the mobile game platform. With three titles in the early stage. The first of these to be featured is an Untitled Travis Vail mystery RPG. Which its details will be kept under wraps until a reveal. Followed by Heroes will be Dark Titan Heroes and an Untitled Haunted City side-scroller.

So far, the first of these projects is set to be released sometime in 2020 with the others to follow.

Now, in the area of console games, VR, and AR, it is of best interest at the moment to allow a form of licensing in those categories. Dark Titan is willing to license out its IP to developers and publishers who possess the skills, the passion, and the drive to develop games full of Dark Titan storytelling. Even though, the characters and brands of Dark Titan Entertainment are very dismal in the eyes of the mainstream public and media, with such an expansion, the realms of Dark Titan can grow and present itself to those who desire a change in scenery when it comes to storytelling.

As of right now, be sure to check out the novels, short story collections, and exclusive e-books to enter the realms of Dark Titan in the Books section. Plus, Dark Titan apparel is already available at www.darktitanshop.com.