Volume 2 of the Dark Titan One-Shots Revealed!

One-Shots - Volume 2.png

More Dark Titan One-Shots are on the way! Last year was the release of four One-Shot stories. The first four (Maveth, The Death-Bringer, Mystery of The Mutant-Thing, Shade and Switchblade, and Retribution of Cain) revealed a different side to the Dark Titan Universe besides what is revealed in the ongoing DTU Saga series. Now, the second volume of One-Shots are revealed and their details sit below.

Dark Titan One-Shot: Tessa Balthazar
The first One-Shot story of Volume 2 focuses on the treasure huntress seeking out a peculiar artifact which brings her into conflict with forces beyond the human mindset in an action-adventure story.

Dark Titan One-Shot: Cheeseburger Man
The second One-Shot story of Volume 2 reveals the character known as Robert Ford, also called the Cheeseburger Man. In a story of action-comedy, Cheeseburger Man is challenged by a foe called the Chopper who seeks to ruin Robert’s burger joint.

Dark Titan One-Shot: Ambush Bot
The third One-Shot story of Volume 2 showcases a sci-fi story of the Ambush Bot. An android designed by the U.S. Government and Nathan Hawke, known as The Nano Man. Designed as the precursor to Project Octagon, Ambush Bot is sent out on his first mission.

Dark Titan One-Shot: Kang-Zhu
The fourth One-Shot story of Volume 2 presents the world of martial-arts within the Dark Titan Universe as we witness the martial artist, Kang-Zhu on a mission to uncover a mystery surrounding his culture and its effect upon the rising heroes.

Dark Titan One-Shot Tessa Balthazar will release sometime in June as the others will follow.