Serial-Fiction volumes of the Dark Titan Universe have ended. Thus, beginning the Dark Titan Universe saga series!

Dark Titan Universe Saga - Banner White.png

Enter a New Universe. The Dark Titan Universe Saga.

Dark Titan Entertainment has decided after a careful process in the past few months to cancel the serial volumes based in the Dark Titan Universe. Which began in April of this year with Hallow Sword and Chosen Son. Now, the new process into the future of Dark Titan serials will be solely focused on monthly titles, such as the upcoming Symbolum Venatores and The Supreme Pursuer series and limited titles, like the upcoming Dark Titan Noir imprint titles, Hallow Sword: Cursed and Adept Massacre.

Stories featuring the primary Dark Titan Universe will now be released in physical format. Now, called the Dark Titan Universe Saga or History of the Dark Titan Universe, the saga began with Dark Titan Knights as its prologue and leads directly to The Resistance Protocol. The follow-ups in the series will be Tales of the Scattered, Tales of the Numinous, The Resistance United, Second Heroes, and Heaven's Called. All five books will be released in 2019.

Even though the first volume serials were available exclusively on this site's digital-store, Dark Titan has officially removed them as the release of the Dark Titan Omnibus: Vol. 1 will feature all volume titles released.

Also, events in the Dark Titan Universe will be released within the Saga series. Day of Octagon will be featured in The Resistance United, Crossbreed and The Resistance/Protectors War will be released through the digital-store next year.

Dark Titan Knights and The Resistance Protocol are available now.
Dark Titan Omnibus: Vol. 1 releases on December 18, 2018.
Tales of the Scattered releases on February 12, 2019.
Tales of the Numinous releases on March 19, 2019.
The Resistance United releases on June 11, 2019.
Second Heroes releases on August 20, 2019.
Heaven's Called releases on November 12, 2019.