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The first ultimate collection of the Dark Titan Universe.

56 Stories. Three Imprints.
One Universe.

From Dark Titan Knights to Hallow Sword to The Astonishing Voltage to Doctor Dark. The first ultimate collection of the Dark Titan Universe. This collection is the first of many Dark Titan collections to come. An omnibus for readers of fantasy and science-fiction to book collectors. Also, a perfect book as a starting point for those new to the Dark Titan Universe.

Dark Titan Omnibus: Volume 1 collects as follows:

  • Dark Titan Knights (All 30 stories)

  • Hallow Sword Vol. 1: The Utopia Conspiracy

  • Chosen Son Vol. 1: Gods and Titans

  • The Nano Man Vol. 1: Wrath of the Thetan

  • Commander Norland Vol. 1: Sector of Darkness

  • The Unstoppable Beast Vol. 1: Being Hunted

  • The Resistance Vol. 1: World's Prodigious Heroes

  • Dark Titan One-Shot: Maveth, The Death-Bringer

  • The Astonishing Voltage Vol. 1: New L.A.

  • Bionic Rage Vol. 1: United Nations

  • Terror Vol. 1: Behold, Agency X

  • Q-Arrow Vol. 1: Quantum Plans

  • Doctor Fortune Vol. 1: Judged Fortunes

  • Kular The Aqua-Barbarian Vol. 1: Saga of the Aqua-Barbarian

  • Destiny of the Champions Vol. 1: Throughout the Eons

  • Yonderers Vol. 1: Alienation

  • Enforcement Order 66 Vol. 1: Assembling The Enforcement

  • The Ire of Flashburn Vol. 1: I am Flashburn

  • Dark Titan One-Shot: Mystery of the Mutant-Thing

  • Creed Vol. 1: The Cryptic Circle

  • Death Chaser Vol. 1: Souls of Retribution

  • The Devilhunter Vol. 1: Unseen Worship

  • Travis Vail, Spirit-Seeker Vol. 1: First Sins

  • The Man Called Fable Vol. 1: The Mage and The Con

  • Cinderella Vol. 1: Midnight Strikes

  • Heaven Has Called Vol. 1: All Called From Above

  • Doctor Dark Vol. 1: Holder of Darkness

The omnibus will also include character concept designs and covers from the serial-fiction titles.

Dark Titan Omnibus: Volume 1 is available now!

1166 Pages
ISBN-10: 0999820483
ISBN-13: 978-0999820483