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Ty’Ron W. C. Robinson II

(Set several years prior to the events of Dark Titan Knights)

Occult Detective Travis Vail set out on his investigation to a mansion which is documented to be a very haunted location. Wearing his black coat with slacks, Vail arrived in the city of Hartford, Connecticut, where the mansion is located on the outskirts of the city. Vail gets to the mansion, known as the Rosebane Mansion. Outside of the mansion is its current owner, Lloyd Sharp. Sharp extended his hand as a greeting toward Vail.

“Welcome to Rosebane Mansion, Mr. Vail.” Sharp said.

Vail shook his hand in greet and allowed Sharp to invite him inside the mansion.
Within the mansion’s interior is a beautiful structure for a century-year-old building. The walls are made of granite marble with historical paintings and picture frames across. The flooring was made of hardwood. Vail quickly examines the mansion’s interior.

“What happened here that caused the haunting?”

“The former residents were unaware of what was buried here centuries ago.” Sharp said. “One day, their son was digging in the backyard and discovered a skeleton with Indian artifacts.”

“An Indian burial ground, you say?" Vail asked.

 “Of course.” Sharp said. “Once the parents discovered it, they had it taken away, which later became a regret to them as the poltergeist activities began to occur.”

“Truly a mistake they made." Vail said. “So, I’ve been brought here to investigate these haunting?”

Sharp brought Vail into the bedroom section of the mansion upper floors. Inside were a total of six rooms, the master bedroom belonged to the parents, another to their son, and four for guests. Vail walked through every bedroom, scavenging the entire location for anything resourceful. Sharp watched him as he went through every room like an focused individual. After Vail completed his search through the rooms. Walking through a corridor, Sharp took Vail out to the backyard. Once outside, Sharp pointed to the now buried sport of where the Indian burial was originally located. Vail walked over to the spot and rubbed the dirt on the ground. He raised his head, looking around the backyard. He turned to Sharp and thanked him for showing him the areas of the mansion.

“I take it you’re ready to do your work." Sharp said.

“Yes I am.” Vail said.

Vail went to the nearest museum and did research on the mansion and the land. his hotel room and began setting up his equipment. From holy water to crosses to a book that is encrypted with proper ways to end curses or send spirits back into their world. After he left the room. He went back to the mansion to begin his investigation upon its encounters.

Later that night, Vail returned to the mansion, alone. He found the key to the front door underneath the movable block by the door. He entered the mansion and shut the door. No lights were on throughout the mansion, only the moonlight. Vail walked around the mansion, pulling out a book that contained previous reports and encounters inside the mansion.

“Very well.” He said. “You have me here all alone. So I would demand you reveal yourself to me or at least give me a sign of your presence to start with.”

The mansion is silent to the point where if a pen would fall onto the wooden floor, it would make a louder sound. Vail slowly walked through the corridor of the mansion, surrounded by frames of the previous owners of the mansion and the land of which it lies upon. He looked at the frames and walked over to one that resembled a English settler. Once he stopped to look, a banging sound was heard down the corridor. Vail paused.

“I see you’re trying to get my attention.”

He walked down to the end of the corridor. Once at the end, he sees nothing in sight. He heard another banging sound that came from the bedroom areas.

“I want to speak with the spirit of the burial ground.” He said. “I know you’re here in this mansion with me.”

Vail continued down the corridor as one of the picture frames instantly flew off the wall and down the other end of the corridor. Vail looked and ran after it. He reached the other end of the corridor and the frame was nowhere in site. He turned back around walking upstairs toward the bedrooms. He heard a distant moan near the rooms.

“You’re getting better at this.”

The lamp on the side of the bed levitated and slammed itself against the wall. Vail walked into the bedroom, which was a guest room.

“Very violent I noticed.”

Get Out.” A chilling voice uttered.

The words caught Vail’s attention as he heard the distinctive voice coming from the master bedroom nearby. He walked into the room and it was quiet, everything is the same as it was earlier in the day. Vail reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a cleansing artifact that he received during his research into Indian burial grounds.

“I suggest you prepare to see the other side.”

Vail began blessing the entire mansion with the cleansing. As he walked through the mansion saying the blessing, more sounds of banging occurred along with moans and distant yelling. Vail ignored the sounds and decided to head into the backyard.

As Vail walked outside in the backyard, he noticed the wind beginning to blow. He continued the cleansing as he walked near the burial ground. Vail paused for a second as he seen what appeared to be fire coming from the burial ground. Vail knelt down in front of the burial and held the cleansing over it, blessing it once more. As he spoke louder while blessing, he looked up and seen an apparition of what appeared to be a Indian man, wearing Native American wardrobe. The Indian apparition stared at Vail, who did the same.

“I see you as you can see me, lad.” Vail said to the apparition. “Time you leave this place and enter the afterlife.”

The wind slowly calmed and the fire vanished along with the apparition. Vail walked back into the mansion and he felt a sense of calmness. Vail walked through the mansion for a final time to double check. Every room he went into he felt a sense of calmness and peace.

Later in the morning, Sharp returned to the mansion as Vail began to leave. Vail walked up to Sharp as he wanted to know what he had encountered and experienced.

“What did you come across?”

“I came across a spirit that did not want to leave.” Vail said. “But, he had no choice. He had his time in the world of the living, it was time he entered the world of the dead.”

“So, is the place safe to live in?”

Vail paused and glanced at the mansion.

“As long as they don’t bother with the burial ground or bring any kind of objects that may invoke a spirit, they should be just fine.”

Sharp extended his hand toward Vail.        

“I thank you for coming and solving this problem. Believe me, we really needed it.”

“I just do what I must.” Vail said.

Vail walked toward his vehicle, which was from the 1970s. An old-fashion style equipped for one of his kind. Driving away as the sun rose above the location of the mansion.


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