Dark Titan Entertainment uncovers details for its April releases!

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Dark Titan Entertainment reveals the details concerning the releases in April. Six serials and one One-Shot story are set for the month. Each of the stories chronological take place after Dark Titan Knights.

The Serials are:

Hallow Sword: The Utopia Conspiracy
After agreements between various crime lords and the change of the world from the rising heroes, The Swordman uncovers a plot capable of wiping all of Retropolis of both crime and justice.

Chosen Son: Gods and Titans
Zeus, the Greek God of Thunder has struck a bargain with Kex Kendrick with the means to eliminate Taltus, The Powerman from Enigma City and those of his kind from the world itself.

The Nano Man: Wrath of the Thetan
With the world knowing the existence of The Nano Man, an elite group referred to as the Elders have sought out their god to convince The Insuperable One to change allegiances or suffer the fate of the divine.

Commander Norland: Sector of Darkness
Continuing the investigation of ADDER and the whereabouts of its legions, Commander Noland and his team search out the remaining camps, while T.I.T.A.N. discovers an ancient burial ground, set with a warning to whomever awakens what lies beneath will bring about chaos upon the earth.

The Unstoppable Beast: Being Hunted
Kent Brock continues to run from the United States Military in fear for his life. General Lawler has recruited a qualified soldier to specifically hunt down Brock. The soldier's agenda is not only to find Brock, but to confront the Beast who lives within him.

The Resistance: World's Prodigious Heroes
When the combined threats of foes beyond, it will take more than one of the rising heroes to defeat them all. To stop the threat from creating a bigger concern, heroes from beyond lands and worlds must unite in order to take down what is coming.

The One-Shot story is:

Maveth, The Death-Bringer
Born and trained in the arts of assassination, Danton Thomas turned to the labor of mercenary and his services are required by an organization that sends him to Retropolis. Danton will prove to them and to others why he possesses the moniker of Maveth, The Death-Bringer.

Hallow Sword and Chosen Son will be released on April 4th.
The Nano Man and Commander Norland will be released on April 11th.
The Unstoppable Beast and The Resistance will be released on April 18th.
Maveth, The Death-Bringer will be released on April 25th.

All Serials and One-Shots will be available exclusively on Dark Titan Entertainment's upcoming digital store! Set to open on March 6th. Coinciding with the releases of both Dark Titan Knights and The Legendary Warslinger.

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