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"You're all not a curse. You're an opportunity."

Professor Cullen Edge had a vision and in his vision, he witnessed a world where humans and nubreeds could live together in peace. No more hatred of appearance, race, or creed. Edge proclaimed his vision the coming future and destiny for the world. Making moves to bring his vision to life, Edge recruited six individuals with the help of his student, Lois Frost. Moving across the world, Edge found his members and formed the Yonderers—A group of nubreeds designed to make a change for the world. To make it a better world.

Members: Lois Frost, Valinor/Marth Randolph, Jr., Emerald/Scott Branagh, Hailstone/Danny Blake, Gale/Ariana Cerra, Magic Carpet/Isabel Dotson, The Surf/Daniel Summers

Powers: Varies between unit

Occupation: Nubreed Squad

Alias/AKA: The Nubreeds, Change-Makers

Allies: John Terror, The Voltage, Kular The Aqua-Barbarian

Enemies: General Rilla, Fellowship of Nubreeds, General Chazenian Cenathan, Enforcement Order, Exchange Force

Base of Operations: Yonderers Mansion

First Appearance: Dark Titan Knights (Epoch One)