Changes made for The Supreme Pursuer, Adept Massacre, and Symbolum Venatores series.

TSP - AM - SymVen Square.png

Dark Titan Entertainment has fully decided to change an array of many projects coming up in 2019. The Supreme Pursuer: Darkness of the Hunt will no longer be a serialized limited series, instead it is set to be a full novel alongside Adept Massacre, which was planned for a June release date as a serialized story in the Dark Titan Noir imprint.

Currently, The Supreme Pursuer and Adept Massacre are set for a release sometime in 2020. In other related news, the Symbolum Venatores is taking the same path with a book featuring the ten planned stories of the limited series set to be released in October of this year. The plan going forward is there will no longer be limited serialized stories due to the changing landscape of brand storytelling.

One-Shot stories will remain in some capacity with its focus solely on the Dark Titan Universe branch. E-books will be digital versions of the physical titles with some e-book exclusives such as The Book of The Elect.

Symbolum Venatores: The Gabriel Kane Collection releases on October 11, 2019.
The Supreme Pursuer: Darkness of the Hunt and Adept Massacre will release sometime in 2020.