The casebook of The Spirit-Seeker can be yours in September!

IAGOD - Banner.png

Dark Titan Entertainment has officially unveiled a paranormal/occult detective book for those who are into the supernatural. Titled, In A Glass of Dawn: The Casebook of Travis Vail.

Learn how Travis Vail became the Spirit-Seeker with this collection of stories detailing Vail's early days as an occult detective, leading the way to his confrontation with Kamagrauto. Vail's world was once small and simple. now, complex and full of mystery. In a Glass of Dawn features ten stories in total. Nine stories of Vail's early investigations with tenth, being an addition of The Abandoned Hotel story from Dark Titan Knights.

The Ten stories within In A Glass of Dawn are:

  1. The Tale of The Haunting
  2. Prayers for the Dead
  3. A Lost Girl
  4. Locked for Eternity
  5. Case of the White Lady
  6. Salem Witch Trials
  7. The Fog From Within
  8. The Revenancy Voyage
  9. The Forest of the Vanishing
  10. The Abandoned Hotel

In A Glass of Dawn: The Casebook of Travis Vail releases on September 18, 2018 exclusively in hardcover format. Written by Ty'Ron W. C. Robinson II.

In preparation for In A Glass of Dawn, look for Travis Vail's serial-fiction series, Travis Vail, Spirit-Seeker. Available on June 13th in the digital store section of this website.