The Elect have been chosen! The Book of the Elect is coming in 2019!

The Book of the Elect - TWCRII - Ebook Cover.jpg

Dark Titan Entertainment has officially announced the release of The Book of The Elect. An apocryphal book of stories pertaining to all three branches of Dark Titan Entertainment. The book is compiled of four categories. (The Spiritual Encounters, The Beasts of the Unknown, The Prophetic Callings, and The Coming Ends) featuring a total of 32 chapters. The synopsis of the book is below.

“The Chosen have been revealed.”

Throughout time, there is the line between history and legends. Some prove the others and others suppress. Now, in The Book of The Elect, go through a series of worlds across time and space detailing from short stories, poems, documents, and encounters with the many things of the natural world and the spiritual world. An anthology collection prepared for those chosen for the future.

The Book of The Elect will be an e-book exclusive and will be available on April 26, 2019!

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