Mutant-Thing - Dark Titan Universe.png

“Why disturb my slumber?”

As a creation in the Elemental realm of the spiritual, the Mutant-Thing is a monster that was discovered to have lived in the marshlands, forests, and mountains of the world. Mutant-Thing constantly travels throughout the seasons of the year to new locations to fit itself. Mutant-Thing was later discovered by Abraham The Devil Hunter and Travis Vail in solving a mystery of the Mutant-Thing’s existence and later to aid them in stopping Demonticronto from controlling the universe.

Powers: Superhuman strength and durability, telepathic dominion over nature, shape-shifting, hyper elasticity, can create new bodies from nature, elemental control and manipulation. Able to adapt to seasons of the year and equip their nature.

Occupation: Elemental Guardian

Alias/AKA: The Elemental, The Protector of Seasons

Real Name: Unknown to modern history

Height: 8 feet

Weight: 2,720 lbs

Group Affiliations: Heaven’s Called

Allies: Gabriel Abraham, Travis Vail, Cinderella, Dark Manhunter, Visitant Outlander

Enemies: Demonticronto

Base of Operations: Throughout the earth

First Appearance: Dark Titan One-Shot: Mystery of the Mutant-Thing