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"It is my duty to protect Atlantis and the seas."

Kular the Aqua-Barbarian, ruler of the sea kingdom of Atlantis. Becoming king at a young age and right into the Wars of the Seas, Kular led Atlantis against its neighboring kingdoms and those further across the seas. Learning of the rising heroes, Kular took it upon himself to go above the surface and meet the heroes himself, learning there's more than the threat of the sea to his kingdom.

Powers: Superhuman strength, as it is increased further in water, superhuman stamina, speed, and durability. He is able to fly, he can also see clearly in the darkest and deepest parts of the ocean. He also has a telepathic sense to communicate with underwater animals. He has gills on his neck. He also has a connection with weather control.

Occupation: King, Warrior

Alias/AKA: The Aqua-Barbarian, King of Atlantis, Sea-Mariner

Real Name: Kular

Height: 6'4

Weight: 370 lbs

Group Affiliations: Atlantean Tribe

Allies: Kara of Atlantis, Novah, Atlantean Army

Enemies: Sea Kaiser, Lord Shark, Ark The Sea Monster

Base of Operations: Atlantis

First Appearance: Dark Titan Knights (The Battle of the Kings)