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"This world must endure hardship to enter the future."

Unlike Professor Cullen Edge, Raymus Eisenhower intended on using violence to make his points noticeable, not caring about the human race any longer. This issue caused Raymus and Edge to ceast their friendship. Raymus went on his own and recruited nubreeds to form his alliance known as the Fellowship of Nubreeds. As Edge created the Yonderers. Raymus was nicknamed ‘Rilla’ in his teenage years, due to his personality of being a sergeant or general of different groups.

Powers: Magnetic and electrical energy manipulation, levitation, telekinesis, force field projection, shock-wave manipulation

Occupation: Militant leader

Alias/AKA: Lord of Magnecution, Rilla

Real Name: Raymus Eisenhower

Height: 6'5

Weight: 240 lbs

Group Affiliations: Fellowship of Nubreeds

Allies: Papa Afterlife, Professor Cullen Edge

Enemies: Yonderers, Professor Cullen Edge, John Terror

Base of Operations: Chicago, Illinois, Mobile

First Appearance: Dark Titan Knights (Epoch One)