Enforcement Order - Logo Redesign.jpg

"They will be the team. Whether they agree or not."

When the rising heroes were sighted throughout the world, Adriana Brown, known to her colleagues as A.B. decided to form a unit of her own underground in the shadows of the military and government eyesight. Thereby, recruiting Lieutenant Gage Hark in finding her soldiers. Gage found them as she listed and they weren't known to be soldier-types. Criminals, monsters, and murderers. Gage didn't see her unit as a force for secret missions, he saw it as an enforcement. An order given to him by Adriana and once the unit was formed, her mission had begun. The Enforcement Order was born.

Members: A.B./Adriana Brown, Lieutenant Gage Hark, Gunbaine/Blake Smalls, Maria Swan/Marian Swanford, Lance Gasper, Black Mare/Alicia Fox, and G-Zero/Daniel Barns

Powers: Varies between unit

Occupation: Secret Black Ops militia

Alias/AKA: The Enforcement

Allies: Maveth, The Death-Bringer, Kex Kendrick

Enemies: The Resistance, Death, Exchange Force, John Terror, The Voltage, Q-Arrow, Restoration Man, Yonderers

Base of Operations: Base 33

First Appearance: Dark Titan Knights (Scouting Session)