Doctor Fortune - Dark Titan Universe.png

"Civilization is unaware of the mystics around them."

Being trained by the Mystic Father when he desired more than his present life of distress and curiosity, Donald Fortune has trained in the mystic arts within the dimensional plane. As he completed his training, he returned to the physical plane of existence to discover his mind was changed and his desires were altered, Fortune decided to seclude himself from the world to delve more into the knowledge of the mystic arts. Having with him the Book of Durikken and other mystical artifacts, Fortune had become known throughout the spirit world as Doctor Fortune, the Supreme Enchanter.

Powers: Known as the most powerful mage in the Dark Titan Universe, Doctor Fortune uses magic any way he sees fit. He can use telepathy, produce energy blasts, teleportation, astral projection, can create materials (such as food or water, even energy), can create planet-wide force fields, able to restore himself from bodily destruction, he can even resurrect the dead. He can also seal black holes, restore universes, able to absorb energy enough to destroy and surrounding galaxies, able to grow and size of and merging with universal concepts. He can even channel the mass of the entire Dark Titan Universe. He is also a skilled martial artist and healer. Fortune can also go into other worlds and dimensions across time and space.

Occupation: Supreme Enchanter, Healer, Doctor

Alias/AKA: The Supreme Enchanter

Real Name: Donald Fortune

Height: 6'3

Weight: 220 lbs

Group Affiliations: The Supremes

Allies: Creed, Death Chaser, Dante Hale, Theus, Doctor Mysticism, Gabriel Abraham, Travis Vail

Enemies: Celd, Sinister Judge, Bishop Vertigo

Base of Operations: Citadel of Enchantment

First Appearance: Dark Titan Knights (The Supreme Enchanter)