Demonticronto - Dark Titan Universe.png

“In the flesh, as they say.”

Demonticronto is an ancient entity who’s battle began in the spiritual realm. Knowing his end from the beginning, Demonticronto has spent countless times throughout the annals of history causing chaos for the physical and spiritual realms. In doing so, until the day the Death Chaser was created and was bound to Demonticronto’s final end. An ally to The ha-Satan and many malevolent others, Demonticronto is one of the most powerful entities throughout the Dark Titan Universe.

Powers: Supernatural strength, agility, reflexes, heightened intelligence, magic manipulation, fire manipulation, mind manipulation, seducter, levitation, flight, teleportation, dimensional travel

Occupation: Tormentor, Tempter

Alias/AKA: Demonti, The True Demon, The Spiritual Tormentor

Real Name: Demonticronto

Height: 9’ Feet

Weight: Over 1 Ton

Group Affiliations: N/A

Allies: The ha-Satan, Sin Phantom, Adrambadon

Enemies: Death Chaser, Creed, Visitant Outlander, Dark Manhunter, Travis Vail, Gabriel Abraham, Mutant-Thing

Base of Operations: Spiritual Realm

First Appearance: Tales of the Numinous