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"Choose your sins."

She came across The Swordman while on a speeding chase. She later confessed to him she was his nemesis. The yin to his yang. She stated she only exists because of The Swordman. Her origin is unknown. Her reasoning of existence is lost to time. Although, she would love to hear your theories.

Powers: Supernatural abilities that can resurrect the dead, the ability to kill anyone at anytime by a special touch or kiss, draws her enemies by using her seductive ways. yet hardly uses them as she likes to torture her enemies with her own personal Death tarot cards and crosses mixed with her manipulative criminal ways. Her weirdness turns those around her off.

Occupation: Embodiment of Death, Professional Criminal, A Yin to The Swordman's Yang

Alias/AKA: Seductive Queen of Decay, Hallucination of Sin, The Living Death, The Laughing Death

Real Name: N/A (Known to use Christine Arrowmond)

Height: 5' 10

Group Affiliations: The Fold

Allies: Noldar, Kex Kendrick, Maria Swan

Enemies: The Swordman, Enforcement Order, The Resistance

Base of Operations: Mobile

First Appearance: Dark Titan Knights (Death in Retropolis)