Creed - Transparent Colored.png

"I am the Unholy Knight."

Seeking vengeance on those who have wronged him, Andrew Martin is granted another life in the form of a reaper. Endowed with supernatural abilities by Adrambadon, Lord of the Cryptic Zone. Andrew Martin was officially dead and Creed was born. After taking a look at his work, Creed had a change in obedience when he disobeyed Abrambadon and began setting his sights on helping those living on the earth from entities such as Adrambadon and those of himself.

Powers: Due to Adrambadon’s grant on Creed, he receives superhuman strength, speed, agility, senses, durability, endurance, a regenerative healing factor, higher leaping jumps, flight, immortality, and plasmic manipulation. He can also teleport, phasing, resurrect the dead. His symbiotic cape has its own abilities as well, which it can grab and pull objects and even living beings. He can also sense the sins of those committed, knowing both good and evil in the spiritual manner. His suit is made up of unholy sentient, in which has unlimited power. He also possesses magical powers and is able to conjure up an unholy scythe, which is his main weapon for a final attack.

Occupation: Cryptic Reaper

Alias/AKA: Hell’s Rebirth, The Occult, The Unholy One, The Unholy Knight

Real Name: Andrew Martin (Formally)

Height: 6'6

Weight: 444 lbs

Group Affiliations: Heaven's Called, Midnighters

Allies: Death Chaser, Ananchel, Dark Manhunter, Dante Hale, Doctor Fortune, Specter Errant

Enemies: Adrambadon, Medieval, Satanic, Poltergeist, Rage Killmaster

Base of Operations: Roaming through the realms

First Appearance: Dark Titan Knights (Knowing Who You Serve)