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“You may call me, Colosso!”

Designed by Zeus himself, Colosso was created to be an adversary to Taltus when in the heat of battle. During their first encounter, Colosso had the upper hand on The Powerman before he was defeated. Colosso still roams he Dark Titan Universe. Seeking to face the Chosen Son once again. When the time is accurate.

Powers: All the abilities of a Titagod. His trademark ability is being able to shoot radiation beams from his eyes.

Occupation: Soldier

Alias/AKA: The Giant Ape

Real Name: Colosso

Height: 8’5

Weight: Over 1 Ton

Group Affiliations: Olympus Army

Allies: Zeus

Enemies: Taltus

Base of Operations: Mobile

First Appearance: The Resistance Protocol