Cinderella - Logo Square.png

"The Sly Detective."

Living in London is where she chose her place of work. Known throughout the world as a figure in fairy tales, Cinderella operates against the criminal elements of England and the otherworldly forces test her skills and her motives. Working as a criminal investigator by day as the Sly Detective by night, Cinderella is rarely seen by the public, yet, her actions are spread throughout London itself.

Powers: Cinderella mainly relies on her detective skills rather than the mystical power that she possesses. It is believed that she earned mystical powers from birth due to an increase of faith her parents possessed. Through these powers she has enhanced agility, telekinesis, and enhanced strength and reflexes. She also has all sorts of gadgets that she uses.

Occupation: Criminal Investigator

Alias/AKA: Glass Slipper, Cindy, Cinder, Cinda, The Sly Detective, The Dusk Slipper

Real Name: Cindy Lawson

Height: 5'11

Group Affiliations: Heaven's Called

Allies: Red, Fairy Godmother, Travis Vail

Enemies: The Stepmother, The Stepsisters, The Queen, Cannibalistic Witch

Base of Operations: London, England/Mobile

First Appearance: Dark Titan Knights (The Sly Detective)