It was on the fifteenth day of Damaday, in the month of Aphorors of the year 20 BoC, during the time of the Viper Realm’s suppression over the sectors when Princess Savan-Nah of Ellada, the raven-blacked haired Daughter of Queen Herena faced off with Princess Chloe, the yellow-haired Daughter of Queen Medudra. Both were determined to make a statement that would send out a signal toward all nations. There, on the planet of Ellada in the grand city of Olympya, the two princesses faced off. Both had their armies at their disposal, Chloe with the Orosisters, a coven covered in black robes and silver armor and Savan-Nah with the Marvels of the Universe. The famed group of women warriors decked out in red and gold armor.

“You’ve caused enough harm toward Ellada!” Savan-Nah yelled in anger.

“Caused?” Chloe questioned with strife. “I haven’t done a single thing. It is your blood who’s brought Ellada to this brink!”

“Lies! Your mother used you and the Orosisters to salvage all of Ellada’s wealth. Its minerals! To hand it all over to the Viper Realm. The true evil!”

“Your blood are the true evil. You know what came of the Knights of the Covenant?! They felt the same tragedy you and your kin will face!”

The two clashed their swords in the midst of the ongoing war. Armies colliding at every corner. The Marvels doing what they can with their own swords against the Orosisters’ magical feats of power. The air filled with the stench of sweat, blood, and vomit. The two princesses didn’t mind the air nor the surroundings, they only saw each other on the battlefield and were determine to leave the other motionless and dead on the ground for the birds of the air to consume.

As the battle continued, in the skies came down the Attonbitus, the large blimp-like object. Its sound shook the battleground to a standstill. Making its landing, its doors slid down, something sat inside as the sunlight glinted off the dark gray material inside, footsteps echoed from the ship, revealing an array of rainshockers. Savan-Nah saw the energy blasts coming from the rainshockers’ ranges firearms.

“Deflect!” Savan-Nah yelled toward her army.

The rainshockers united with Chloe and the Orosisters to eliminate the Marvels. Savan-Nah rushed to their aid, taking out as many rainshockers as possible. More rainshockers poured from the attonbitus, leaving Savan-Nah in a shocked state. Yet, she managed to fight through it, killing more with her sword. Chloe saw the distraction and ran. The Orosisters followed her as the rainshockers took out most of the Marvels, leaving Savan-Nah to remain. The shockers surrounded her. From the crowds of shockers appeared a Rainshocker Commander, recognized by the black halo circled around his helmet.

“Princess, we have orders to take you in. Our Empress wishes to have a word with you.”

“Why didn’t she come herself?!” Savan-Nah panted. “Why should I have to go to Moraltis to see her?!”

“We have our orders. Either you can cooperate or we can bring you by force. The choice is yours.”

“The choice is mine.”

Savan-Nah bolted through the shockers with her sword, slashing her way through as many which stood before her. It was at the moment when Chloe, who’s standing in the doorway of the attonbitus noticed the amount of rainshockers being killed by Savan-Nah. The princess of Ellada’s strength is unmatched. Nearly supernatural feats. Dodging the range blasts, Savan-Nah did not cease until every single rainshocker was killed and they were. The attonbitus lifted into the air and took off, not before Savan-Nah could catch a glimpse of Chloe at the door. The war between the Daughters of Oros is yet to be complete.