For newcomers who have chosen to enter into the realms of Dark Titan Entertainment, you may be questioning where to begin. Now, a trail has been revealed for all newcomers to discover where they shall proceed.

Dark Titan Universe Saga - Banner White.png

If you are wondering where to start in the Dark Titan Universe, it is of your best interest to begin with Dark Titan Knights. The introduction book of the Dark Titan Universe. A mosaic novel of sorts. Thirty stories featuring characters of the DTU, showcasing their status and their current whereabouts within the universe. After reading Dark Titan Knights, you should read The Resistance Protocol, Book 1 to the Dark Titan Universe Saga (History of the DTU). Afterwards, you can either read Dark Titan Omnibus. Vol. 1 or wait for the official Book 2 of the DTUS to release. However, once you've read Dark Titan Knights and The Resistance Protocol, you'll be up to date with the Dark Titan Universe.

*In A Glass of Dawn: The Casebook of Travis Vail (Spin-off) is available now!*
*Dark Titan Omnibus. Vol. 1 (Collection) releases December 18, 2018.*
*Tales of the Scattered (Book 2) releases February 15, 2019.*
*Tales of the Numinous (Book 3) releases March 22, 2019.*
*Day of Octagon (Book 4) releases June 14, 2019.*
*Second Heroes (Book 5) releases August 23, 2019.*
*Heaven's Called (Book 6) releases November 15, 2019.*

The Haunted City Saga Logo White.png

If you are wondering where to begin in the realm of Dark Titan Extended, begin with The Legendary Warslinger. Enter a saga of worlds within worlds as the remaining Warslinger of the Heptad, Randolph Henrich begins his quest to discover the mythical place known as The Haunted City. A city where the physical plane meets the spiritual.

*The Legendary Warslinger: The Haunted City I is available now!
*Seek For The Old Paths: The Haunted City II releases Q4 2019.*