The basics of Dark Titan One-Shot stories are to introduce characters making their way into the Dark Titan Universe. Stories range from flash fiction to short stories to novelettes.


Maveth, The Death-Bringer tells the story of Danton Thomas, a mercenary who is sent on an assassination to stop a fellow traitor to a criminal organization. While on his mission, Danton discovers more opportunities to achieve in his field in the form of the rising heroes.



Mystery of the Mutant-Thing unites Abraham The Devilhunter and Travis Vail, the Spirit-Seeker in discovering the strange and macabre mystery surrounding the famed Mutant-Thing. Traveling across the world, the two numinous ones have to recruit two others in finding the location of the mystery's origin.



Shade and Switchblade tells the story of a young couple on the run from those who prefer their kind eliminated. Shade and Switchblade make the attempt to hide from the criminal organization, V.A.U.L.T. while deals are made for them to help others in the form of the rising heroes. Giving them hope or displaced fear.


Retribution of Cain.png

Retribution of Cain details the rise of a man who's lived for a very, very, long time. Upon gaining knowledge and wisdom concerning the modern world, he has set out to witness those called the 'rising heroes'. Proving the world needs a change similar to the ancient past.