The Sectors of the EverWar Universe!



Star 895

  • Moraltis - Home planet of the Viper.

  • Ivil - Planet of three days of darkness and three days of light.

  • Sinstor - Home planet of the Magocracy.

  • Hadnah - Home planet of the Moslem religion.

  • Ik-Kar - Home planet of the Sikarians

  • Sidhu - Home planet of the Sidhu people and the Hephidu dharma.

  • Nippon - Home planet of the Shinto.

  • Anatolia - Home planet of the Hittites.

  • Dokavor - Home planet of the Dark Elves.

  • Muspelhar - Home planet of the Eldthusar, The Fire Giants.

  • Mahapanajar - Home planet of the workings of Shayka Gautama and Gautism.

  • Assracyia - Home planet of the Assuracians or Suracians and the Turuks.

Star 114

  • Quortos - A large moon with habitable life.

  • Kuward - The planet where the Fountain of Healing was located.

  • Sudravor - Home planet of the Dwarves.

  • Enon - Grassy planet with unusual wildlife.

  • Pickphurn - Swampland planet with mist and fog.

  • Ro - Volcano planet. Once the home of the Eshians, the Fire Orb worshippers.

  • Lithios - Cold and snowy planet where the Cavalier of Lithios and the Frost Giants resides. Home of the Vikar People.

  • Charonos - The burning planet where the Crimson Cavalier Force reside.

  • Ursoro - Frozen Tundra Planet. Once the home of the Qerachians, the Ice Orb worshippers.

  • Vulcan - Sun-Scorched Planet

  • Astatine - Snowy Planet

  • Pyke - Planet surrounded by mountains and volcanoes with only two oceans

  • Alfhevor - Home planet of the Light Elves.

Sector X

  • Zion - The sector where the cosmic entity Interstellus dwells.

Sector 666

  • Abyssus - Planet or Dimension that resides at the low parts of the universe where screams echo out from and a sense of heat occurs.

Sector 333

  • Erets-Alpha - The planet where creation had taken place.

  • Helio - Home planet of the Abhdi Knights of the Covenant.

  • Endro - Home planet of the Order of Nations.

  • Ellada - Home planet of the Herenian Empire.

  • Endor - Home planet of the Republic Kingdom of Ard.

  • Tekh - The planet of the Indigo Cavalier Force.

  • Yu - A large moon.

  • Shenxia - The planet of the Guang Dynasty.

  • Elysium - Elite Planet where the Council reside

  • Akkadia-Prime - Home Planet of New Akkad

  • Kallia - The Island Planet of Queen Kalyfia.

  • Francia - Home planet of the Francians.

  • Skyros - The small planet where Accladus was hidden.

  • Lelat - The planet where the Ostacrean War took place.

Sector 6776

  • Area 6776 - The Interstellar Prison.

Sector V

  • Ordow - Home planet of the Magus Court.

  • Dagobar - Home planet of the Orchs and Trolls.

  • Darella - Desert and woodlands planet with giants and nphippors.

  • Skotos - Home planet of the Dark Lord of the Shaman.

  • Zappdow - Planet with constant thunderstorms and immense heat.

  • Kingod - Home planet of the Elemental Elite.

  • Thran - The planet of constant warfare.

  • Lob Omen - Home planet of the Lycars

  • Obiri - Home planet of the Bloodhunters.

  • Neo-Ro - Planet of Emperor Fallendorf

  • Alpha Beryllanus - Ice-Age Planet with Rainforests

  • Solis - Planet surrounded by Ultraviolet sunlight

  • Hellion - Prison/Asylum Planet

  • Terropia - Jungle-Dwelling Planet and the home of the Zulu Empire.

Jovian Sector

  • Joverus - First planet of the Sector.

  • Saturnus - Second planet of the Sector.

  • Urania - Third planet of the Sector.

  • Neptunia - Fourth planet of the Sector.

Sector 7

  • Caelum - Planet or Dimension that sits high above the universe. Brighter than any star or sun, covered and shrouded in thick clouds and fog. The place where The Creator of the Universe is said to dwell.

Sector IV

  • Utomia - Home planet of the Navian Republic.

  • Titian - Home planet of the Titian Elite.

  • Astronom - The planet of the Galactic Cavalier Force.

  • Lilacus - The planet of the Nebula Queens.

  • Niobium - Home Planet of the Nioians

  • New Cian - Home Planet of Lord Cian

  • Valastro - Planet with magma oceans and massive volcanoes

  • Doorn - Home of the male Ophidians, ruled by the Basilisk King.

  • Laharia - Home of the female Ophidians, ruled by the Serpent Queen.

Sector Zero

  • Mors - The lifeless lamented home planet of the Onyx Cavalier Force.

The Untold Sector

  • Nibiru - The mystical watery planet that wanders throughout the universe. Passing by other planets and stars. The mysterious planet is said to be the residing place of the Old Ones of The Stars.

The Season Sector

  • Aleph - The planet of the Alpha Cavalier Force.

  • Ocron - The planet of the Omega Cavalier Force.

Ore Sector

  • Halcyon - The planet of the Auric Cavalier Force.

  • Argenta - The planet of the Platinum Cavalier Force.

Remote Zone Terrains - The outskirt region of the sectors.

  • Improbus - A distant dwarf planet used for gladiatorial combat.

  • Terra-16

  • M-47

The Millennium Sector

  • Eragardia - The realm of the Eragardian Gods

  • Heavella - The realm of the Honored Dead

  • Eldigard - The Earthly Plane Of Existence which bridges toward Erets-Alpha and Earth of another universe.

  • Brisigard - The realm of dwarves ruled by Jord

  • Vanaheim - The realm of the Vanir. Known as the sister race of the Eragardians

  • Elfheim - The realm of the benevolent elves ruled under Emperor Aeden and Empress Demora

  • Bidavellir - The realm of cyclopes and trools ruled under Ukko

  • Jontheim - The realm of the frost giants ruled under Aurgelmir

  • Abaddon - The realm of the dead who are neither honored or dishonored. Ruled By Hadi

  • Demolheim - The realm of the fire giants and demons. Ruled By Majino

  • Svartheim - The realm of the malevolent elves ruled by Emperor Voldor

  • Niffella - The realm of the dishonored dead which sits near Abaddon. Ruled By Elassor

  • Asbru - The transparent road leading toward Eldigard and Erets-Alpha guarded by Vindler

  • Breidablik - The residence of Balder.

  • Shadoheim - The realm of Knights ruled by the Wraith Knight

Mystic Zone - The inter-dimensional domain of Obliterus.