The Faiths and Religions of the EverWar Universe!



The Ancient/Advanced Covenant: The faith of the Abhdi and Those of the Avior began with Hevel and Seth and later through the descendants of Sem, mainly through Abraham, his son Yitskhak, and his grandson Ya-Akov. The spread out through the lands of Erets-Alpha before spreading across the universe and ending up on the planet Helio, signalizing the Abhdi a place of dominion. They worship and obey The High One, the One True God and the Creator of the Universe who dwells in the high planet of Caelum. The temple of The High One sits in the city of Tropolton on the planet Helio where the Abhdi and Those of the Avior reside.

Worship of the Viper: The religion of the Viper Order and Those of the Dekar began with Qayin and afterwards the descendants of Kham left Erets-Alpha after a civil war amongst their leader Esav and his twin brother Ya-Akov. They worship a deity who calls himself The Fallen One, a Celestial that rebelled against The High One and began the Battle of Caelum through his rebellion and assembling of other rebellious Celestials. When Esav left Erets-Alpha with his army, he made his way upon the planet of Moraltis where he laid down the foundation for the Viper Order and Those of the Dekar to remain.

The Mystical Ones: The religion of the Dynasties upon the planet of Sinstor. Maintained and controlled through a magocracy, a government dominated by magic and sorcery. A system of polytheistic beliefs and rituals that fill the Sinstorian society. The followers of The Mystical Ones’ religion use their abilities of sorcery to give praise to The Mystical Ones in order to help them in battles against other forces. Their leading god is called Xanthou, which is shown through the priests’ golden uniforms.

Religion of the Dodekatheon: The religion of the Orosian Empire, Herenian Empire and the Savannian Republic on the planet Ellada. Later ruled by a warrior queen, her princess, and her army of women warriors. Men are viewed as only used for procreation and slavery. Some men are exalted among them for their strengths and honor. The Dodekatheon are a group of twelve to thirteen gods with abilities of their own. They reside on Mount Oros, which stands in the outskirts of Olympya, Ellada’s capital city.

Regnum Trinitas: The religion of the Ard family on Endor within their kingdom called Regnum Caelorum after conquering the planet from the Navians. They worship three gods who are later embodied into one body. It is considered blasphemy of Endorians who do not worship the Trinitas.

Star Faith: The faith of the Navian Republic on the planet Utomia. The Utomians use their spiritual understandings within the Star Faith to accomplish missions and travel across the universe. Not fearing death or anything that other worlds fear. Calling the Star Faith their protector in the unseen realm. The Star Faith is known to have increased during the time of The Nordic Ones, the ancestors of the Navians and descendants of Yafet.

Dagobarism: The religion of the Orchs and Trolls of Dagobar. The religion favors differently between the clans of Orchs and Trolls throughout the planet. Some worship one god, another three, another twelve, another worship almost an infinite amount of Dagobar gods. They believe barbarism and savagery are the ways of pleasing their gods.

The Four: The religion of those that live within the Jovian sector. They believe that The Four each watch over the four planets of the sector. Maintaining themselves. When two planets are at war, they rely on two of the Four to aid them in battle.

The Mining One: The religion of the Dwarves of Sudravor. They believe in a blacksmith god that assists them with supernatural strengths and endurance to build their weapons and equipment.

The Light: The religion of the Elves of Sudravor. The Light is a force that is said to live within the Elves, giving them enhanced feats of strength, speed, agility, and reflexes. Along with heighten status when using bows and arrows, swords, knives, or axes.

The Dark: The religion of the Elves of Dokavor. The Dark is a force which is known to reside and arouse the Dark Elves. Enhancing their strengths, speed, agility, and reflexes. The Dark gives them an enlightened sense of perception when using weapons in war.

Ordowian Wizardry: The religion of the Magus Court on the planet Ordow. They worship The Lord of The Black Arts, who is said to oversee Ordow with an evil eye. Which keeps outsiders at bay from entering the planet.

Necromancism: The religion of the Onyx Cavalier Force lead by Black Hood. They believe in the worship of the God of the Dead to give them strength and raise up their undead army.

Emerald Cavalier Faith: The faith of the Emerald Cavalier Force whom obey the rules of the Elders of the Universe. They focus their faith through strength, joy, willpower, endurance, and longsuffering.

Crimson Cavalier Faith: The faith of the Crimson Cavalier Force whom obey the rules of The Crimsoned One. They focus their faith through anger, vengeance, envy, jealously, hatred, wrath, and variance.

Indigo Cavalier Faith: The faith of the Indigo Cavalier Force whom obey the rules and guidance of The Cerulean One. They focus their faith on trust, honor, order, and royalty.

Auric Cavalier Faith: The faith of the Auric Cavalier Force whom obey the ordinances of The Golden Ones, a pantheon of seven gods. They focus their faith through abundance, prosperity, well being, prestige, sophistication, elegance, and brilliance. Each of the seven focuses are embodied within each of the Golden Ones.

Platinum Cavalier Faith: The faith of the Platinum Cavalier Force whom obey the rules of The White Watchers. They focus their faith through truth, sophistication, elegance, ornate, and graceful. The White Watchers are each embodiments of the five focuses.

Galactic Cavalier Faith: The faith of the Galactic Cavalier Force are those who worship the Galactic Force, a powerful cosmic power throughout the universe. They also give offerings to Interstellus, the cosmic deity.

Titianism: The religion of the Titian Elite.

The Old Ways: The religion of the Alpha Cavalier Force. They worship the old paths of the beginnings of the universe.

The End Ways: The religion of the Omega Cavalier Force. They worship the prophesied end of the universe.

The Stargaze Way: The religion of the Nebula Queens. Their ways are like a coven. A galactic coven where they use the energy of the stars and the universe to work in their favor. Be it positive or negative.

Laham: The religion of the Moslem people on Hadnah who are guided under the Pillars of Qurlah. The pillars represent the belief of the Hadnahian god, Qurlah. The pillars are Testimony, Prayer, Almsgiving, Fasting, and Pilgrimage.

Sikarism: The religion of the Sikarians on the planet Ik-Kar. They worship The Formless One.

Xaoism: The religion of the people of Shenxia. Primarily of the Guang Dynasty. They live a life emphasizing by living in peace along with the cosmic balance of the universe.

Hephidu: The dharma or way of life for the Sidhu people. The dharma had fallen when Sidhu was invaded and held under the Kuward Raj. It later arose when the Kuward Raj was overthrown by Sujata‘s revolution, thus beginning the Sujatian Queendom.

Lithosian Law: The religion of the Lithiosian people.

Cult of Obliterus: The religion dedicated to the coming return of Obliterus. Mostly ran by insiders scattered across the sectors. All in depth with astral projecting and mystic abilities. All for the benefit of giving glory to Obliterus, who they believe will give them control over the planets when he rules the universe.

Gautamism: The way of life of the Mahapanajarians.