Dark Titan Universe Saga Character Collections Series Announced!


Dark Titan Entertainment has decided to announce the official releases of a new series. The Dark Titan Universe Saga Character Collections. This series will release paperback titles of collected stories based on a particular character. One of the titles released this past Friday with The Swordman Collection. Following the first title will be The Commander Norland Collection, The Chosen Son Collection, and The Nano Man Collection. Also, there are plans for a Travis Vail Collection.

These collections will include five stories, more might be added in future titles. This series is also a Barnes&Noble Exclusive.

The Swordman Collection is available now!
The Commander Norland Collection has a projected date of December 20, 2019.
The Chosen Son Collection and The Nano Man Collection have a projected date of January 2020.
The Travis Vail Collection’s date is TBD.