All Volume 1 stories releasing exclusively on Amazon!

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In a change of creativity, Dark Titan Entertainment is releasing all first stories of the Dark Titan Universe Saga exclusively on Amazon Kindle. The stories will be individually on their own as a way of having more e-books on the market and a sign of the plans ahead. The release will begin on May 14th with Hallow Sword and Chosen Son. Alternative plans are in place for Nook and Kobo exclusive content from both the Dark Titan Universe Saga and others.

Currently The Resistance: World’s Prodigious Heroes is available now. But, in the coming weeks, prepare to see Hallow Sword: The Utopia Conspiracy, Chosen Son: Gods and Titans, The Nano Man: Wrath of the Thetan, Commander Norland: Sector of Darkness, and The Unstoppable Beast: Being Hunted. Following in June will be The Scattered, and in July will be The Numinous stories.

Also releasing in the Q3 will be Hallow Sword: Cursed. In full, all three-parts of the first Dark Titan Noir story.