First Reveals to The EverWar Project!

The EverWar Project Teaser.png

Dark Titan Entertainment has released the first details of The EverWar Project. First off, it is now known that The EverWar Project isn’t only just one project, but many. A year-long event that will begin in January with the launch of the EverWar Universe website and apparel based on the EverWar Universe.

Beginning in February will be the first story released titled The Daughters of Oros. The story will enter the planet of Ellada where the ongoing wars continue between Princess Savan-Nah and Princess Chloe. Two women desired to rule over the other as their war signals the other nations of the outcome.

Beginning in March is the story titled Near-Hunted. A short story that will feature venators on the hunt for a mysterious man known as Danton I. Draven. Their hunt for him is only the beginning of their quest and Draven’s own.

Details following the months after are kept to a close until it is time for their upbringing. The EverWar Project begins in 2019. Every month will feature a release from the project. Showcasing the third branch of Dark Titan Entertainment.