The Core returns along with a One-Shot story in the month of July!

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Dark Titan Entertainment has unveiled the serial-fiction titles coming in July along with another One-Shot story.

Hallow Sword: War Games
After the events of The Utopia Conspiracy and The Resistance: World's Prodigious Heroes, Retropolis is set on rebuilding itself. Meanwhile, Sir Onyx and J have come to a disagreement and have begun to wage war against one another. Doing so causes the two crime lords to contact particular mercenaries to aid them in their war. The Swordman learns of the crime war when Gunbaine and Maveth, The Death-Bringer come to Retropolis to do their bidding and The Swordman is not alone with recruits of his own to counter the war to his favor.

Chosen Son: Blachole Arises
The events of The Resistance: World's Prodigious Heroes have set out shockwaves across the universe. Leading to a collision between the Man of Titans and a powerful foe. A dark god who has come solely to see if Taltus The Powerman is worthy of a place beside him.

The Nano Man: Nanotech Debate
Parading around as The Nano Man has gained some unwanted attention. This time from the United States Government as President Donald Trump has summoned Nathan Hawke to meet with the Senate to discuss laws and regulations for the use of the Nano Man tech. However, Hawke doesn't approve with the Government entering his affairs and as tensions escalate, the U.S. Army is sent out to confront Hawke as he's given two choices: Surrender the Nano Man tech or face consequences of his own country.

Commander Norland: New Albion
Sinister Judge has set his sights on the country of Canada to gain for his own. Commander Norland and his Champions are sent out to face the Lord of Centro. Upon learning of his higher plans, Norland is sent others to assist him in his mission that states to transform Canada into a new Albion. An Albion ruled by Judge himself.

The Unstoppable Beast: Incarnation
Kent Brock continues to hide himself from those who desire the creature within him. Now, upon meeting a fellow doctor who proclaims to have a cure to Kent's curse, he enters the procedure only to learn the doctor is only trying to gain the DNA of the Beast for himself.

The Resistance: The Stroh Dynasty
The Swordman, The Powerman, The Nano Man, Commander Norland, Theus, and The Unstoppable Beast are united once again as a peculiar foe, known as King Stroh comes to Earth from another dimension, setting out to erase all that once was and to make the world anew through his vision. When the team come together to face the Dimensional King, they learn not only more about themselves as a unit, but much detail concerning their future as well as the universe's fate.

Dark Titan One-Shot: Shade and Switchblade
A young couple on the run from those who prefer their kind eliminated. Shade and Switchblade make the attempt to hide from the criminal organization, V.A.U.L.T. while deals are made for them to help others in the form of the rising heroes. Giving them hope or displace fear.


Hallow Sword and Chosen Son release on July 4, 2018.
Nano Man and Commander Norland release on July 11, 2018.
The Unstoppable Beast and The Resistance release on July 18, 2018.
Dark Titan One-Shot: Shade and Switchblade releases on July 25, 2018.

Don't forget The Resistance Protocol also releases on July 31, 2018 in hardcover format.