Dark Titan reveals the details to the upcoming serial-fiction releases of May!

From Right to Left:    Flashburn   ,    The Voltage   ,    John Terror

From Right to Left: Flashburn, The Voltage, John Terror

Dark Titan Entertainment reveals the details concerning the releases in May. Ten serials and one One-Shot story are set for the month. Each of the stories chronological take place after Dark Titan Knights.

The Serials are:

The Astonishing Voltage: New L.A.
Continuing his learning as Los Angeles' superhero, his city is visited by an Italian man, who professes himself to be Leonidas reincarnated and his goals are to transform the City of Angels into a New Sparta.

Bionic Rage: United Nations
Dameon Mason keeps himself secluded from the rest of the world due to his bionic-limbs and physical appearance. Now, he must come out of his seclusion to stop a crime lord from changing Detroit into a place of hell for the citizens and a place of heaven for himself.

Terror: Behold, Agency X
John Terror oversees Chicago with great importance. Being a nubreed among humanity isn't something he wished for, but he embraces it. Upon learning of a secret base in the outskirts of the city, Terror heads out to investigate, leading him to some troubling moments from his past.

Q-Arrow: Quantum Plans
Sin City isn't the same since the Golden Archer has placed himself within their jurisdiction. Asher Dale, famed for his casinos and rich appearance must now face a man who deems himself worthy of Asher's fame and fortune.

Doctor Fortune: Judged Fortunes
After some time of hibernation, Donald Fortune returns to society and learns of the rising heroes. Not only will he have to read-up on the world's goings, he is visited by a young man who wishes for Fortune to train him in the mystic arts. Yet, the training session will come to a halt when one of Fortune's greatest foes appears to welcome him home.

Kular The Aqua-Barbarian: Saga of the Aqua-Barbarian
The King of Atlantis makes it his duty to travel to the surface and learn of its going process. During his study, he comes across both allies and foes of the surface world, deeming him a worthy adversary to become a primary ally of the land-walkers. In return for an upcoming war for the kingdoms of the Seas.

Destiny of the Champions: Throughout the Eons
Making his way to the present era, Doctor Amadeus Omega has arrived to recruit those he needs in order to form the team. A team who's goal is to travel throughout time to stop Omega's primary adversary: Baron Eon and to protect the future from any dire changes made by those who profit from the treachery.

Yonderers: Alienation
Trying to fit into a world where those are not of your kind isn't an easy task. Especially if you are of a greater kind. Professor Cullen Edge leads his team of young adults equipped with powers beyond belief through the world as they must face two sets of adversaries" General Rilla with his Fellowship of Nubreeds and humanity itself.

Enforcement Order 66: Assembling the Enforcement
United States Lieutenant Gage Hark begins assembling the secret team directed by A.B. A team mixed with criminals, hunters, celebrities, and those of other natures in order to combat a strange set of events circling the world. Events caused by none other than Death herself.

The Ire of Flashburn: I am Flashburn
Floyd Rizzo, a young and upcoming engineer comes into contact with an elemental entity made of fire who grants him the power to conjure and control the flaming element. In doing so, Floyd must become the Flashburn in order to stop the coming threat of an atomic collision.

The One-Shot story is:

Mystery of the Mutant-Thing
A prequel to another upcoming serial, Abraham The Devilhunter and Travis Vail, the Spirit-Seeker unite to discover the strange and macabre mystery surrounding the famed Mutant-Thing. Traveling across the world, the numinous ones will have to recruit two others to assist them in finding the site of the mystery's origin.

The Astonishing Voltage and Bionic Rage will be released on May 2nd.
Terror and Q-Arrow will be released on May 9th.
Doctor Fortune and Kular the Aqua-Barbarian will be released on May 16th.
Destiny of the Champions and Yonderers will be released on May 23rd.
Enforcement Order, Flashburn, and Mystery of the Mutant-Thing will be released on May 30th.

Dark Titan Knights releases on March 6th! Now available for pre-order in paperback, ebook, and Special Edition hardcover.

All are written and created by Ty'Ron W. C. Robinson II.

All Serials and One-Shots will be available exclusively on Dark Titan Entertainment's upcoming digital store! Set to open on April 4th. Coinciding with the releases of both serial-fiction titles, Hallow Sword and Chosen Son.

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