The Resistance Protocol

The Resistance Protocol



The Swordman, The Powerman, The Nano Man, Commander Norland, Theus, and The Unstoppable Beast. Alone in their own worlds, yet, together they form The Resistance. A team united of the Dark Titan Universe's core heroes. The Resistance Protocol is the collection which showcases the bringing together of the mythic heroes and their actions both alone and united.

Book 1 of the Dark Titan Universe Saga.

This book collects the first six stories from Dark Titan Knights and the serial-fiction titles, Hallow Sword Vol.1: The Utopia Conspiracy, Chosen Son Vol. 1: Gods and Titans, The Nano Man Vol. 1: Wrath of the Thetan, Commander Norland Vol. 1: Sector of Darkness, The Unstoppable Beast Vol. 1: Being Hunted, and The Resistance Vol. 1: World's Prodigious Heroes.

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Series: Dark Titan Universe Saga
Branch: Dark Titan Universe
Imprints: The Core, The Scattered, The Numinous
Pages: 310
Format: PDF